When reviewing an old relationship it is often easy to look through rose tinted spectacles. What may have felt like irreconcilable differences at the time often seem like silly inconsequential things once a little time and space has passed between the events and between yourself and your ex. Many former couples often find themselves in a situation when they are getting on really well again and start to wonder if giving things a second try might be worth it. After all, it is often through difficult times and through mistakes that we make, that we learn the most. But can getting back with your ex ever result in a happy ever after.

In this article we will look at 4 compelling reasons to get back with your ex.

1. You have Forgiven Each Other

Sadly, cheating is of course one of the most common reasons why relationships end, and is surely one of the saddest. The experts at https://getherbackguide.com explain there is no feeling more hurtful than having someone you love, trust and are totally devoted to, betraying you in the most personal, intimate way. Being cheated on is like a dagger in the heart and it is so hard to come back from that and hold a relationship together. When trust breaks down, relationships can be impossible to keep together because accusations end up being thrown around all the time.

Ironically, it is often the person who was unfaithful who ends up being the most paranoid and is unable to trust the victim of their infidelity. But people change and mature and it is possible that even the worst cheater can change their spots. Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, and whilst it is not always possible, when it does happen, couples can come back stronger than ever. The old expression goes, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”, but this is not necessarily always true. Only you will know in your heart if you are able to forgive, but if you are able to move on, there may yet be a happy future together.

2. You Are Still in Love

Many relationships end very badly and the two partners end up in a place which seemed unimaginable during the honeymoon period. When you are so attached to somebody physically, mentally and emotionally, it is perhaps only natural that when things go wrong, the fallout is uniquely painful. But the source of that pain is that the love that you have for each other still remains under the surface.

Once the heartache and the blame has dissipated over time, many ex couples still find that they are very much in love. Perhaps they have tried to be in relationships with other people and just never found that same feeling again. If that is the case for you and your ex, it may be worth trying to give it another go.

3. You Have Changed as People

One of the most common reasons for a break up is that one person had some issue which made the relationship fraught. It may be a gambling problem, an issue with drinking, or an addiction to work. We change and grow as people throughout the course of our lives. If you or your ex partner have developed and are no longer that same destructive person, the conflict that broke you up in the first place will no longer exist. As long as the trust can be recovered, this can be an ideal reason for seeing if you are still compatible.

4. Your Life Situations Are Changed

Another reason that many couples break up is because their schedules or careers were not compatible with each other’s. Sometimes one person has had to move away for a job, or they had some other commitment that just made it impossible to put the requisite time and energy into the relationship. Many couples try long distance relationships but these are often unsuccessful.

When life situations change and suddenly those obstacles are no longer a barrier to a relationship, this is one example where getting back together with your ex can be successful. Often when relationships initially finished because of these kinds of reasons, the breakup was amicable and both parties still remained friends. Picking up where you left off can be very smooth and it can be so much fun to start again.

We all know the old logic, that you should never go back, but love is rarely logical. So often when it comes to relationships, it just wasn’t the right time, or the demands of life made it impossible to commit fully to the other person. But nobody is beyond redemption, and there is nothing that cannot be fixed. Only you and your ex know how you feel now and so only you can know if it is worth another shot. But as with so many things in life, an “oh well” is often better than a “what if?”