Eyebrows can be considered the most defining features on one’s face. Their shape, size, and arch have the power to make you look great or like a hot mess. In the past year, eyebrow care has been taking off in popularity with everyone wanting their eyebrows to look fuller and complement their faces.

People have started plucking, threading, and even waxing their eyebrows to within an inch of their lives just to go back and fill them in with an eyebrow pencil to have a full eyebrow effect. Others have decided on micro-blading as their choice of eyebrow look and thus have permanently filled in eyebrows 24/7. Instead of going through all that trouble, you can get the look microblading guarantees you without going through the painful and permanent process of tattooing your eyebrows on. Here are four non-permanent ways to tint your eyebrows easily.

Use Henna

This method of eyebrow tinting has been around for a surprisingly long time, thousands of years. In fact, it is only now gaining back its popularity because of how great the results turn out to be. Buying a simple henna brow kit will give you all the tools and ingredients needed to get your brows the tint you are looking for. Unlike other dyes in the market, henna is natural and can be safely used without worrying about any toxins.

Use Hair Dye

While this isn’t the most advisable method to get a semi-permanent eyebrow tint, it still works. If you have leftover hair-dye, doing so will not cost you anything, and even if you have to purchase some, it is affordable. You just have to be careful that the dye does not get into contact with your eyes at all and that you put some Vaseline all over the skin surrounding your eyebrows to avoid any staining.

Get an Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit

Eyebrow tinting kits are all over the internet and in most beauty stores. If it is your first time tinting your eyebrows yourself, then you can purchase a starter kit until you get the basics down. If you are unsure how to go about tinting your eyebrows to have them looking flawlessly full, then it might be better to go get them tinted by a professional who knows his or her way around eyebrow tinting.

Use Coffee

If an eyebrow tinting kit or a trip to the salon is not within your budget, worry not. You can temporarily tint your eyebrows using one of the most commonly found things in your kitchen: coffee. Not only does coffee give you that necessary boost in the morning, but you can also use coffee grounds to tint your eyebrows in a dark brown color. You can also use cocoa powder to get the same effect if you do not have any coffee at home.

Who said you cannot have your eyebrows on fleek and on a budget? Now you don’t have to worry about tattooing in your eyebrows, or constantly going to the salon for touch-ups. With these four surprising yet effective methods, your eyebrows will look better than ever.