Everyone understands that a restaurant should be comfortable, cosy and stylish. Guests come there not only for delicious food, but also for the atmosphere and aesthetics. But at the same time, many owners follow the beaten path, which is why hundreds of similar pubs and coffee houses appear in cities. It is difficult and sometimes useless to promote similar places, which is why it is important to invest resources in creating a unique image and in effective brand positioning. Here are some tips to help you do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Unique Look – An Alternative To Advertising

It is definitely worth coming up with a design solution that will create a strong association with your restaurant. It can be certain combinations of colours, numbers and objects in the logo etc.

The concept should be seen in everything, even at the entrance to the restaurant. A simple faded door with the word Open will never be remembered, so here you need to show creativity, use themed installations and decor. Moreover, even the toilet should be beautiful, because according to statistics, most photos are taken there. Decorate your bathroom in a unique style and get free social media ads from your guests. Visitors will post a photo, tag your account, and add geolocation.

Compliments Are A Way To Be Remembered

The statistics are such that 68% of people aged 18 to 34 are really interested in promotions in local places, which is why there should be more than profitable offers. For example, in some cases introducing a system of discounts for birthdays may increase the number of such events by 5 times. Separately, you can celebrate significant public holidays and prepare sales or special offers for them. You should prepare for such dates: add a free countdown clock for website, run ad campaigns, and inform your audience via social media and mailing to raise awareness and run a profitable event.

Also, consider offering something interesting for VIP-card holders and regular guests, because they are the ones who are more likely to be interested in special offers. The range of promotions is limited only by the imagination of the manager and the restaurant menu. In addition, it is necessary to use targeted advertising, set up a high-quality website and use push notifications in your own application – all this will have a positive effect on the number of orders and the size of the check.

Delivery Is An Opportunity To Expand The Audience

Launching a delivery has become the main way to earn money during the lockdown period. Those restaurants that quickly rebuilt or already had this sales system in their arsenal did not close and kept afloat. Now, for example, McDonald’s, KFC, and Burger King are in the top three, and the reason is quite simple – a person knows that nowhere else can a quality food be ordered so quickly. If you are just entering the market, you should immediately start developing your own application or make a convenient order form on the site. The sooner a client can place an order and receive it, the more likely it is that your restaurant will be chosen when they get hungry again.

Your Chef Is The Face Of The Restaurant

The chef not only represents your kitchen, but also sets the style of work and creates the basis of the business. It is the chef’s dishes that attract guests, so do not skimp on his promotion. You can create the Team section on your website, tag your leader in stories and posts on social media, conduct master classes, create an author’s set or offer a compliment from him. If a customer remembers that your restaurant makes the finest tartare and serves it spectacularly, they are more likely to return. When the boss’s personal brand is strong enough, you can continue the story about the team and share interesting facts about all key employees with subscribers. Personal stories always grab people’s attention and they love to talk about them. You will attract some audience at the expense of a bright team. The more open and human your business is, the greater the cumulative effect.

Wrapping It Up

4 life hacks for effective brand positioning are:

  • Create a unique concept and stick to it in everything: logo, interior, attributes
  • Develop a system of discounts and profitable promotions
  • Expand delivery options and simplify the process of order registration
  • Promote the chef and talk about his unique dishes

The restaurant business has been evolving lately and still remains extremely dynamic, it reacts quickly to new trends and quickly adapts to changes. Today, in order not only to feed the visitor with delicious food, but also to remain in his memory and get recommended, you need to constantly improve and listen to feedback, offer not only a product, but also values. And although it requires systematic painstaking work, customer loyalty is definitely worth it.