The recent pandemic has been a game changer; not only changing the face and structure of our personal world but our business one too. With employees being furloughed or even made redundant; those left in office-based employment will have likely found themselves working from home and fighting the temptation to stay in their pyjamas!

Any business will be lucky to come through unscathed in some way. Yes, some businesses will fold and the daily 9-5 office commute may be a thing of the past, but some things in the garden are still rosy and this is because COVID-19 offers the opportunity to pause and rethink our personal career goals. All businesses are still (and always) going to need some form of administration staff whether it’s a PA, secretary or office junior so if you decide to retrain for an administrative career; now could be the ideal time to do so.

To make it easy for you to take the first step; here are 5 new job ideas you may like to consider:

Project manager

These are the “magicians” of any company, looking to lead any kind of change whether internal or external. Successfully juggling all kinds of balls including budgets, time frames and resources; project managers are experts in people management and enjoy a challenge they can really get their teeth into.

Virtual assistant

If you are looking for an ideal work/home balance and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss then becoming a VA certainly deserves to be on your wish list. This job requires confidence in your own abilities to be a success, but it is necessary to have many skills in your office “tool kit” including the latest marketing knowledge that includes SEO and social media.

Audio Typist

No one can ever go wrong with learning to touch type. This skill is the mainstay of any office job and like riding a bike – once learned – will never be forgotten. Audio typing, however, is a little bit more specialised and an absolute essential for anyone wishing to work in the legal secretarial profession. It also comes in handy for other dictation jobs too.


If you enjoy interacting with the public, then being a receptionist is certainly a rewarding way to pay the bills. It can also be an ideal entry level job for those looking to get their foot in the office door.

Executive PA

Almost every administrative job has likely grown from the good old “secretary”. Moving with the times; an Executive secretary or PA position involves more than answering calls, typing and taking minutes. On a daily basis, you could find yourself planning conferences, dealing with calendar management for a very busy individual and providing a wealth of administrative support duties. With no two days the same, becoming an executive secretary can also be as a launching pad to other more senior roles.

Whatever your career choice post COVID, Souters teaches you how to be proficient in communication and general office skills as well as helping you progress up the career ladder should you be aiming to become an Executive PA or office manager in the future.