Activewear, also referred to as athleisure, is a growing market that has a high demand over other kinds of fashion. More consumers wear activewear, not for the gym, but style and comfort.

As the market grows, more brands enter the scene with a variety of clothing items to cater to the needs of different consumers. However, having so many brands and various kinds of clothing to choose from can leave you stuck and buying at random.

You want to be sure and happy with the products you buy. Therefore, you should consider several things when you buy activewear.

What Things Should You Consider When Choosing Activewear?

According to Allied Market Research, by 2024, the activewear market could reach about USD $547 billion. It shows that the market is growing fast and there could be more brands with a range of prices and quality to choose from. Therefore, you should consider the following things when buying activewear.

1. Comfort And Style

When buying activewear, you need to consider why you need it in the first place. Athleisure is not only worn when going to the gym. There is an increasing trend where people wear gym clothes for comfort and style. Clothing like fleeces, hoodies, and sweatpants are popular athleisure wear.

Therefore, if you buy outfits for style and comfort, you might want to consider clothing items like lurex leggings, bodysuits, hoodies, and matching track pants and jerseys.

If you are planning to update your athleisure wardrobe, you might want to consider running sneakers, leggings, breathable bra, etc., at least for women. For men, bicycle shorts, leggings, running shoes, track pants, etc., are a good pick.

2. Price vs. Quality

As activewear becomes more popular, it is likely to become more expensive. If you buy based on a budget, it should not hinder you from buying quality activewear at an affordable price.

If you find it hard or time-consuming to find quality clothing, you could buy from a specific brand that is trusted and has a good following. For instance, you can shop Muscle Nation at The DOM or similar shops.

That way, you know the quality they produce and at what price. If the activewear becomes expensive, don’t be shy to check other brands that sell quality clothing at an affordable price.

In some instances, an expensive item doesn’t always mean good quality. You need to research the product or brand you buy to ensure that you buy a quality product. Reading online reviews can assist in this case.

3. Find The Right Fit

Finding the right fit for your body frame and size can ensure that you are comfortable and you got your money’s worth. Choosing the right size for your body can impact your comfort and performance when exercising. You want clothing that is not too tight or too loose. Pick one that is right for your body build to avoid irritation and discomfort when wearing it.

4. Material

Just like finding the right fit or quality, you need to consider the material of the clothing you buy. You want something lightweight, strong, durable, and doesn’t absorb moisture when exercising. Therefore, you should consider buying wear with elastane. However, it should be a small percentage.

Elastane is used a lot for stretchable sportswear. The fabric has exceptional elasticity, lightweight, and it can resist deterioration due to perspiration, body oils, detergents, and lotion.

Other materials to consider are nylon and polyester. Nylon is suitable for any weather condition and is a durable synthetic material. Polyester is a durable non-absorbent. You want clothing that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Hence, you should read the product details. You want to wear something that is dry-fit and will give you a range of motion.

5. Physical Shop Vs. Online Shopping

Shopping online and at a physical store is very different. At a physical store, you can pick clothing that you can try on before buying, and you can check the quality in-store. It saves you money and time you would have otherwise wasted shopping online if you had chosen the wrong size.

However, this should not deter you from shopping online. Online shopping is convenient since you have a better range of brands to choose from. As activewear gains more popularity, we are likely to see growth in online shopping. But if you shop online, you should use a sizing chart to ensure you pick the right size because different brands have different sizes.

6. Multipurpose Clothing

If you don’t like shopping that much or have a small budget or closet space, then consider buying activewear that can be used for multiple purposes.

Consider sweatpants outerwear, hoodies, leggings, and sneaker-themed slippers. The sneakers can be worn while traveling, at the office, and at home.

Bonus Thought

If you live an eco-conscious lifestyle or want to start one, you should consider choosing eco-conscious outfits activewear. The demand for eco-friendly and sustainable fashion has grown over the last decade. More brands are committing to reducing the number of emissions they produce throughout the creation process and ethical production practices. Eco-friendly activewear is made out of recycled fabrics, dyes, and finishes that are non-toxic and recycled synthetics. Many brands offer eco-conscious outfits that are stylish, comfortable, high-quality, and sustainable.


Activewear is popular among the youth and young adults. But as the demand for athletic appeal grows, we’ll see more of the older generation wearing athleisure. In today’s economy, you can wear athleisure at home, go out shopping, and to the gym. Therefore, it is wise to think about what you want to buy before actually buying it. You want a product of a high quality that won’t impact your performance or efficiency when working out or doing other activities.