For some of us, when we first move into a home, we might want to jazz it up a bit. If you have a large backyard, you also might be confused about what to do with all that extra space outside. But look no further! Because in this article, we are going to talk about seven ways to fill up that empty space in your backyard.


If you don’t already have a covered area in your backyard, why not consider installing a Gazebo? This way you can always enjoy the outdoors, whether it be rain, hail or shine! You might even be able to hire a handyman to build one from scratch. The choice is yours!

Water Fountain

Water fountains are a classy, elegant way to make your home look like a million bucks, and have many hidden benefits! Not only do they act as a humidifier, but they can help drown out annoying sounds, act as a drinking source for pets, and help create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden. Sound interesting? Check out these designs at Soothing Company for inspiration!

Fish Pond

Another beautiful addition to fill the space in your garden is to install a fish pond! These are a great way to create a peaceful sanctuary in your backyard, and you get to take care of some pets along the way! You can DIY one yourself, or purchase one premade. Some of the most common fish to start with include koi, goldfish, fathead minnow, and algae eaters.

Secret Garden

Everyone dreams about having their own little secret garden, so why not make this a reality! By planting high shrubs and trees, you can create a stunning garden getaway, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Just don’t forget to add in a secret entrance!

Swimming Pool

One of the most obvious choices for filling up space is to install a swimming pool. While this can be expensive to purchase initially, it can be worth it if you think you will utilize it every day. You can choose between either an inground pool, or above ground pool, but both will require regular maintenance,

BBQ Area

Everyone loves a good cook up, so why not turn that empty space into a unique BBQ area! This way, you can entertain your guests with ease, and have enough space to accommodate everyone. You might even consider splurging and installing an outdoor tv!


And lastly, if you’re looking for something for the kids, you might want to look into building a treehouse or cubby house! You’ll have the children entertained for hours, and will ensure that they get plenty of outdoor time. Check out these creative treehouse ideas for more inspiration!

And that’s it! Whatever you choose, you’ll no longer have any wasted space, and can enjoy your new beautiful outdoor area. Just remember to be patient, as some of these suggestions might take a little bit of time to put together or install. Good luck!