Check out our exclusive interview with the multi-talented Kat Von D. Celebrated for her groundbreaking tattoos, popular TV appearances, top-selling books, and her impactful cosmetics line, she’s now revisiting her artistic origins with an enchanting new track titled ‘Vampire Love.’ This song marks the lead single from her anticipated album set to drop next year.

The track is a collaborative creation with iconic songwriter Shep Solomon, recognized for his work with Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and Celine Dion, as well as Fernando Garibay, known for his contributions to hits by Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Kylie Minogue. This goth-disco anthem explores the deep-seated yearning for undying love. The video is directed by the renowned horror aficionado Ryan Valdez and stars model Julien Crane alongside the famed Spanish performer Vinila Von Bismark.

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Kat Von D - VAMPIRE LOVE (Official Video)

Hi Kat, congrats on the release of “Vampire Love”, can you tell us more about the single?

Thank you! It’s been so cool seeing the massive, positive response to the new song and music video! My first album was a much more lo-fi synthwave version of the music I am doing now, so it’s been nice to see the progression into making songs that are a little darker and fuller.

The music video is definitely my favorite video we have made so far, and was such a team effort between me and all my close friends. So I definitely have a sentimental attachment to Vampire Love.

Kat Von D photos
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What’s the story behind this song?

I just wanted to write a goth-disco jam about the human desire of finding eternal love, and the lengths we tend to go to get it, even if it’s not good for us.

What is your involvement in writing the songs or being part of the production team?

For this particular song, I teamed up with Fernando Garibay and Shep Solomon to write this song. We basically locked ourselves up at Fernando’s beautiful studio, exploring chord progressions and melodies until something feels right. Typically, i take back a rough demo to my bandmates and we explore sound design using a majority of analog synths back at my house, but for this one, we wrote and produced it all at Fernando’s.

Describe your music’s overall sound?

Well, even though a majority of my fans assumed I’d come out with a metal sound, I truly am a fan of 80’s dark synth wave and elements of post punk, and my music tends to bend towards that side of electronic music, but with a pop sensibility. Ultimately, I just wanna make romantic dark synth pop.

Kat Von D
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What are some of your musical influences?

Although I don’t think my band necessarily sounds like these bands, I’d say The Cure, Depeche Mode and Souxsie and the Banshees are my biggest influences.

When did you start making music and how did you get into the music industry?

I started playing music at the early age of 5. My grandmother was a professional pianist, and trained me and my siblings how to play the piano. So, my early musical upbringing revolved around classical music, hence why I have over 4 Beethoven tattoos.

But it wasn’t until I got in my 20’s that I wanted to start writing my own music. Luckily, I had surrounded myself with a ton of talented artists that believed enough in me to help me start seriously writing.

What instruments do you play in the studio and live?

In the studio, I’ve played keys, but live, I just sing. There’s too much choreography during our live shows for me to sit behind an instrument, and thankfully I have amazing bandmates that carry the weight of that on tour.

Do you ever get nervous when performing? Any upcoming plans for live shows in support of your most recent music?

I never get nervous to play. Excited, yes. And I’m definitely even more excited to be able to play this new album live as soon as we release it in the spring/summer of 2024. We plan on doing a full US + EU tour, as well as Latin America.

Any recent passions or interests other than music?

So many passions, and never enough time! I’m currently still releasing new designs for my shoe line, Von D shoes, while also developing a “goth” gardening collection, all renovating our 1874 Victorian home in Indiana and setting up a homestead farm here.

What’s next for Kat Von D in the last months of 2023 and for 2024?

We have been working hard and continuing to film music videos for the next 3 singles we launch before the album releases in spring 2024.

Other than music, I’ll be launching the “DarkWave” sunglasses collection for Von D shoes this fall, and I’m really excited about embarking on this eyewear journey I’ve been on. I’m such a fan of avant-garde designs and stoked to share that with everyone.

But right now, I’ve been content spending any down time with my husband and son in the middle of nowhere in Indiana.