Fitting all your personal items in a small bedroom isn’t a walk in the park. Apart from ensuring enough bed space, you need to allocate designated areas for all your belongings, such as your clothes, shoes, a mini office or a study area. On top of that, it has to look clean and feel cozy.

As you decorate a small room, you have to be very careful and specific with your furniture choices as it will affect the aesthetics and ambience of your personal space. The last thing you’d want to happen is to make it feel more cramped and not have enough room to move around.

To help you out, below are some tips for choosing the right furniture for small bedroom spaces:

Maximise Storage Options

One of the first things you should prioritise when buying furniture for small bedroom spaces is maximising your storage options. With the right furniture, it’ll allow you to utilise every corner of the room, keeping as many items as you want without making the room look crowded and full.

Ideally, you should buy chest of drawers to keep your items organised and your unused items out of sight. When all your items are displayed, your space tends to look so busy and without a focal point. Thus, you may opt for a chest of wood-crafted drawers in monochromatic or neutral tones to create a polished look.

Choose Slim and Compact Furniture

Apart from being specific about your bedroom colour choices, choosing furniture with the right length and width can help you make use of all the available floor space. Keep away from bulky pieces and pick furniture with smaller legs and arms to match the size of the room. Doing so avoids making the room look smaller than it originally was.

Take this as an example. If you are using the bedroom alone, you should go for a single bed rather than a double-sized one. Alternatively, if the room is for two, you can also opt for a bunk bed. Then, complement the bunk bed with a worktable and chair with a minimalist design to give the illusion of a wider area.

Utilise Wall Space

The key to designing a small bedroom space is to optimise all the space available, horizontally and vertically. Most design experts recommend using wall-mounted furniture such as floating shelves to curb visual clutter. Compared to boxy cabinets, floating shelves create the illusion of a light-flooded space, making it look bigger. However, you should make sure that they are distributed evenly for balance and cohesion in your room.

Floating shelves are great and practical storage and display surfaces for many things, such as stationery items, books, small plants, or even small personal mementos for décor. However, since they’re exposed inside your bedroom, try to keep them organised and limit the amount to its maximum capacity.

Use Secondary Storage

Apart from adding the standard storage options such as drawers and cabinets, you should try to have secondary storage inside your room. This will involve your existing furniture pieces and looking through the insides.

One of the most common ways to add secondary storage is picking a bed frame with a storage option beneath it. You can either lift the mattress or have a drawer beside it. Additionally, there’s also an ottoman chair mainly used for storage but can look like a small accent chair that’ll help lift the look of your bedroom.

Search For Multi-Purpose Furniture

While it might be difficult, looking for the perfect multi-purpose furniture would help to maximise your bedroom space as much as you can. This way, you don’t have to deal with several small pieces of furniture and still end up not having enough space for everything.
The advantage of multi-purpose furniture lies in its functionality, so you can decide on pieces based on your needs. Examples of this type of furnishing include sofa beds, a floor lamp with a shelf for a body, and a coffee table convertible to a sofa.

When picking the perfect multi-purpose furniture, ensure it fits nicely inside your bedroom. You can bring a measuring tape to the furniture store to see if it’ll sit well inside your bedroom.

The Verdict

Choosing the right furniture for your small bedroom space might be tricky, especially since you need to ensure that everything is within the right proportion.

Your main goal is to maximise your storage space while getting plenty of walking areas. Ensure that all your personal belongings are organised and tucked away from sight in drawers, so your bedroom looks cleaner and inviting. Opting for compact, multi-purpose furniture pieces can also quickly solve this problem.