Time to get real about fashion and pregnancy.

Alright, so this is my second pregnancy ? and I feel like I’ve learned some tips along the way when it comes to dressing the bump and wanted to share! I know how daunting it can be to look in your closet pregnant and think what am I going to wear while your popped, feet swollen, and overwhelmed!

First off, comfort is key! Especially for me this second pregnancy, I popped way earlier and needed more room quick!

So elastic waistbands and comfortable breathable fabrics are huge for me right now.

Depending what’s your go too, your style when you you go out, I’m breaking down some different easy options for you and must haves as your body transitions so your style can transition too! 

For me personally, at home I really like a comfortable tee/ long sleeve shirt & a simple dress for going out! 

For shirts: Baggier style, sometimes even my husbands to give me enough room but still have style and be sexy.

Maternity Jeans once you can’t get room down there anymore, there’s some cute pairs and you definitely want the space!

Also stretchy undies are a must, you need to be comfortable! Especially as you grow each month!

• Good Bras! Invest in your undergarments with pregnancy, you want to be as comfortable as can be!

When it comes to worrying about actually shopping maternity, don’t purchase everything all at once. Your body is changing consistently so buy a few pieces and then wait and see.

Let’s talk Bump Fashion: A simple go too look I loved in my first pregnancy and now this one as well, is a cute dress with a blazer or cardigan over it depending your style. Super easy to put on and put together! You can also accessorize easy & play up your shoe game depending what you’re feeling!


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