More and more people now are aware of the importance of their overall health and well-being, which is why they are taking the necessary steps to ensure that they are fit and healthy. Some are conscious of what they eat, some are mindful of their fitness routines. Others are keen on trying out yoga because of its several benefits for the body and mind.

For the Body:

Yoga increases flexibility

People who are into yoga are notably more flexible and physically-able. Regardless of a person’s age, the poses and stretches practice in yoga gradually loosens and strengthens the body. There are even studies that show that a regular practice of yoga can significantly improve posture and strengthen a person’s core. One of the most popular yoga poses to induce flexibility is known as the downward dog pose wherein both the hands and the feet of a person are on the yoga mat while his or her hips are lifted up. This pose not only increases flexibility, but it also stimulates the body’s circulatory system and increases blood flow. Aside from this, the other physical benefits of increased flexibility are the reduction of cartilage and joint breakdown, as well as improved bone health.

For the Mind:

Yoga permits mindfulness

Yoga entails the need for you to focus on your breathing, as well as on your body movement. This induces a calm state of being because you tend to tune out the distractions in your daily life and instead, concentrate on the present and what is happening within your body. There is a great chance that you will be able to apply the knowledge and skill that you learn while practicing mindfulness through yoga in your daily life. Thereby, instead of immediately reacting negatively to a stressful situation, you can breathe in and concentrate on your body and your feelings, before you react to a certain situation. As such, yoga will be able to help you concentrate and focus.

For the Body and Mind:

Yoga relieves stress

Because you are able to practice mindfulness through yoga, it follows that you will be more capable of handling the events that may cause you stress. Stress affects both the body and the mind of the person, contributing to health degradation, as well as a loss of motivation. Yoga can combat stress because, with the breathing techniques practiced alongside with the yoga poses, you have a greater chance of thinking clearly and approaching a stressful situation logically. In the end, you will find that you are healthier and happier.

Yoga has several benefits that are not only good for the body but more so in the mind, making it great to ensure the overall well-being of an individual. While it has been around for thousands of years already, it is only over the past couple of years wherein it started gaining the popularity it deserves. This is because more people now vouch for the benefits that yoga brings into their physical and mental health.