If you have someone in your life that is a yoga freak, then you know it only makes sense that when it’s time to get them a gift for any occasion, it has to be yoga-related! The only problem with this is that sometimes, we really have no idea where to start, especially if we know nothing about the world of yoga.

This is why we’ve made a list for you to help you get the perfect gift for your favorite yoga-loving friend!

Yoga pants

Yoga pants, is something a yoga lover simply can have enough of, so you can’t really go wrong with this gift! If you don’t know where to start, then do a bit of research to go over legging reviews to understand what you should be looking for when it comes to leggings for yoga. You’ll need them to be made out of resilient material that will last them for a long time. You also want to be able to get great and funky designs so that it can be special for your friend!

Yoga mat

There are so many cool options when it comes to yoga mats, and it’s a great idea for a gift. There are mats that are especially made for yoga that soak up sweat easily and give extra cushioning so that the yoga lover in your life is able to really go all the way with their favorite positions and not have to worry about hurting themselves. They have great grip, so there’s no risk of slipping, and there are also amazing designs that you can pick from, as well as yoga related themes that your yoga buff is bound to go crazy over.

Yoga mat spray

This is a really cool idea because it shows how thoughtful you are about your favorite persons favorite past-time! You can either get them an essential oil that you know they love, or you can get a variety of mat sprays that they can experiment with. Since they spend so much time on their mat, there will be nothing better than getting a scent of something that is calming and will also remind them of you, which is bound to bring a smile to their face!

Essential oil diffuser

If your loved one loves to do yoga at home, then consider getting them an essential oil diffuser. These look incredibly cool and the way they release the steam with the scent of the oil into the air is extremely calming and soothing, and it’s something that they will love for sure. Don’t forget to get a couple of essential oils as well.

Non-slip socks

There’s nothing worse than your favorite person trying to do a position and consistently slipping because they’re wearing socks. Get them a couple of pairs of non-slip socks and they will love you forever. There are variations too! You can get them the socks that have grips on the bottom, or you can get them the socks that are cut at the heel and toes.

Yoga bag

A yoga bag is a great idea so that they can carry all their yoga equipment in style. There are bags that are specifically designed to carry each and every item that a yoga lover would need. A space for their mat, towel, change of clothes, and extra space for snack and a water bottle as well! You can find some really cool options online, as long as you know your loved one’s personal style, this can be a real winner.

A book about yoga

If you don’t know anything about yoga, but know your favorite person does, think about getting a book that is related to yoga. Something to do with the specific kind that they love, or even a book about the history of yoga would be a great idea for a gift.

You can’t go wrong with any of the options mentioned here, because they’re thoughtful and are bound to be loved by your yoga lover! With a bit of research online, you’ll find a variety of options for the things mentioned above, and you’ll be able to get just the right gift for the person in your life that loves yoga, and who knows, you might develop a love for yoga too! The great thing about it is that there are actually a number of options available, and each and every one of them is bound to make your friend happy because they are all so practical and it will send a message that you care about what they love.