More often than not, there are some things we take for granted around the house. We take them for granted just because we rarely need to use them or we have them in abundance, but wait until an urgent need for such an item arises… you can wake the next-door neighbor up for a pinch of salt in the middle of the night and they’ll think you’re either drunk, crazy, or just irresponsible.

Drawer Chests

It goes without saying; furniture is the most important and conspicuous element in any home. A home without sofas, tables, shelves, couches, chairs, and beds, is often as good as empty. When it comes to the bedroom, many people will at least have a bed, a side drawer, a closet/wardrobe, and perhaps a dressing mirror. Unfortunately, the chest of drawers is one of the most forgotten yet essential pieces of furniture in a home. As you will discover at www.amishoutletstore.com, drawer chests come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and material options that you can choose from based on the available space and the rest of your décor. Unbeknownst to many, drawer chests can add a lot of functionality and storage space in your home. Whether it’s storing additional clothing items such as ties, hats, and scarves, lingerie, or pieces of fine jewelry, a chest of drawers can relieve your closet and other bedroom storage options from excess strain and cluttering.


Various gadgets in your home may rely on battery power. These may include your flashlight, your remotes, the wall clock, and other tiny yet important gadgets. It can be an overly frustrating experience to find yourself unable to operate your home entertainment system just because the remote ran out of juice so you can’t enjoy your favorite movie, TV show, or music… right?

Thread and needle

Have you ever set to put on a certain shirt but you just can’t because a button is loose or misplaced? Well, having a thread and needles can save the day, but only if you have them stashed somewhere. The problem is that these very important items are rarely used and even if you come across them down at the mall every day, your mind just won’t click that you should get them until you’re convinced by necessity that you need to keep a few around. The next time you go shopping, get enough needles and several threads in a variety of colors just to be on the safe side.

Cleaning supplies

Paper towels, wet wipes, air fresheners, detergents, and disinfectants are often overlooked. Have you been in a situation where you just visited the washroom only to realize that there is not enough toilet paper for use or air freshener to cover up the stench?

Handy toolkit

It’s almost guaranteed that you will need a hammer at some point in your day to day life. You’ll need some tools when you need to fix broken furniture, tighten nuts or bolts, or even take up on a simple DIY home improvement project. In addition to some first aid supplies, having at least a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers in your toolbox can go a long way.

Phone charger

This is one thing most people take for granted, especially since its necessity doesn’t show until you’re on a low charge. The frustration becomes worse when you don’t have a charger at home and the next-door neighbor you’re used to borrowing from isn’t around.

Clothes Hangers

When shopping around for house essentials, we often forget to get hangers. Sometimes we forego organizing the clothes to keep them neat because we do not have enough hangers to place the shirts and jackets. It happens to many people, at least at some point in their lives.


It is weird when you have visitors around and just after they’re done with their meal, you realize that you’re short of toothpicks or floss picks to help them rid the food stuck in their teeth.

Rags and Doormats

Have you ever had the thought of cleaning the house then, as you get started, you just realize that your rag or mop is missing? Another potentially frustrating scenario is where you don’t have a doormat and you or a guest forgets to take their shoes off when getting into your home.

The list could probably be longer or shorter for some people, but there’s a big chance you’ve at some point overlooked one of several of these essentials. If you look keenly, you will also realize that most of these are cheap and readily available. We just ignore them until we desperately need them so be keener.