As dog owners, we understand how your dog spends a lot of time outside. And sometimes, you even have to feed him outside too. Because of it, local birds have spotted the feast. And yes, birds are smarter than us. They spot food sights and get to the spot in no time.

It can cause a lot of problems for your four-legged friend. They can make a mess in your yard. However, there is a solution. In this piece, we have covered four ways you can keep birds away from dogs.

Four Easy Ways You Can Keep Birds Away from Dog Food

Of course, the most prominent solution is to keep the dog’s food indoors so there isn’t any problem. However, it’s not very practical, and there are other ways by which you can get rid of the birds and feed the dog outside.

#1. Use a Scarecrow
Even though birds are smart, they can hardly spot a difference between an actual human and a scarecrow. Make a scarecrow that looks real. You can also change the outfits or accessories to make it look realistic.

#2. Use Plastic Owls and Snakes
There’s nothing birds hate more than owls and snakes. The best you can do is keep a plastic snake or a fake owl beside the food. All of this, and you will never kinda bird near the food.

#3. A regular feeding schedule
Stick to a regular feeding schedule instead of leaving food outside all day. Maintain a routine by feeding them twice or thrice a day. You can feed them before going to work and after you come back home. It is also an excellent way to feed your dog as the food is fresh and without any contamination.

#4. Technology
With the rising digital climate, why not make use of technology in this area too? Just like all other things, you can keep birds away by playing audio recordings of predicator birds. Place a speaker beside the food and keep the audio going. Additionally, you can even use an old DVD player if you have one and get CDs with bird noises. By doing so, your garden will stay clean, and your dog will get fresh food.

Birds Are Great But Dog Food is Dog Food

Remember that birds are more intelligent than you think. And so fooling them is not so easy. You must take extra measures to get rid of them. Other than the points we have listed above, brainstorm new ideas and be creative on how and what you can do to get rid of them. And no, you shouldn’t feed your dog indoors all the time. It’s not only monotonous for them but makes them bored too.

Maybe you can also think about the birds and hang up a bird feeder so that you can provide them with a little tender love and care.

There are a variety of ways to take care of the bird problem and these are just a few of them!