Amid everything that is happening in the world today, many people have been left without jobs or just stuck at home, unable to go out and make money. This means a massive number of people have turned online to find some work that they can do from home. Thankfully, technology today allows us to do just that – make money from the comfort of our beds.

There are so many full time, part-time and freelance things you could be doing. You can even start your own business. But today, we’ll be focusing on one particular kind of work that has been getting a lot of attention over the years because it’s so strange to people that you can get paid for doing this: filling out surveys.

Who would pay for this?

The first question that often pops into people’s minds is who on Earth would pay someone just to tell them what they think. Well, it’s easy – companies who rely on their good standing with customers. Big companies plan out their every move.

If a major soda company wants to do a rebranding or launch a unique campaign, they need to know what the people will think about it before they launch it to the greater public. They would then hire a company specializing in surveying the public, and they will pull from a huge pool of people to find the ones that suit the company’s target audience and ask them. This information is invaluable to companies because one move in the wrong direction can impact their image and send their sales spiraling down.

Find the right company

As mentioned, there are major companies that specialize in surveying the public. These large companies are what you want to aim for because smaller deals and one-time jobs could be potential scams to get either your money or your details. In addition to this, different companies will have different rules, like how many surveys you can fill out, how much you get paid and when you can get your payout. It’s worth taking your time to dive into this in-depth guide and similar ones to get the sense of what a company is before you commit. And it’s important that you commit to a single company, because most of them work through levels, where the more you fill out, the more you will climb the ladder and the more you’ll earn. In short, doing twenty surveys for one company is better than doing two surveys for ten different companies, mainly because your payments need to accumulate to a certain number before you can get them.

Can you choose topics?

In general, you can choose which surveys you want to fill out and which ones you don’t. However, you need to remember that you, as an individual, are not eligible for every survey because you might not be the target group. There are often pre-survey questions you need to answer to determine whether your opinion on the matter is valuable to a company. For example, if you don’t own a car, a company that sells tires won’t be looking for your opinion. So you should always try to maximize your earnings by doing every survey you are eligible for.

How to avoid scams

Many people think that taking surveys for money is a job that is too good to be true, but in reality, if you want to make decent money – you’ll have to go through a lot of surveys every day. When looking to apply for a site, you can instantly ignore any website that asks you to pay money to join: why would anyone ask you to pay money to do a job? You should also avoid websites that don’t have many reviews online or that have potential scam reviews. Another red flag is if a website offers too much money for a single survey.

It’s important to remember that it’s nearly impossible to make a full-time income off filling surveys, so people mostly just do it on the side for a little bit of extra cash. A more important aspect of filling out surveys is that your voice matters—a lot. When you fill out a survey, you are guiding the company that is asking for the information towards tailoring their product or service exactly to your liking, and you are one step closer to a world that is just the way you like it. So whether you want to fill out surveys to bridge an income gap, you just have some extra time on your hands, or you want to make a difference in the world – now you know how you can do it.