Building a leaner lifestyle is about more than just losing weight. Your lean life will take healthier food choices, more water, and activities that include cardio, intervallic training, and weights. To avoid boredom, try the tips below.

Add Cycling to Your Daily Routine

Getting out on your bike will include new scenery, which is a terrific way to stay engaged. Additionally, you can add sprints to your cycling routine or find spaces that include hill climbs to push yourself harder as you try to change up your cardio intensity. Include long stretches of less intense pedaling and use that time to get some cool water and settle down the cardio intensity.

If you’re cycling on a roadway, make sure you have reflective gear for your bike and something bright on your clothing. Carry a phone for that “just in case” concern, but go ahead and leave it on Do Not Disturb so you can call out if you do take a tumble. Of course, make sure you have the necessary safety gear, from padding to helmets, to ride safely and avoid a head injury.

If you’re into the coastal lifestyle, get a simple beach cruiser bike, and you won’t be disappointed.

Add Hiking to Your Weekly Schedule

Hiking is another pastime that always has visual variety. Mother Nature does a great job of changing up the view, so even if your hiking options are limited, the seasonal changes can hold your attention. To increase your hiking intensity:

  • Consider adding a backpack that you can load with weights, a healthy lunch, and a water bottle you can enjoy when you get to the top of the trail.
  • Invest in good shoes and wicking socks to keep your feet in good shape.
  • Consider going on several short hikes when your shoes are new.
  • Carry a blister kit and stop once an hour to let your feet breathe a bit.

If you have brand new shoes and have a long hike planned, pack your old shoes just in case. They’ll add resistance and give you something to wear if your new shoes are too restrictive.

Explore the World of Bouldering

While cycling and hiking put your legs to harder use than your upper body, bouldering will put your hands and upper body to work as well. You will need to invest in great shoes for your safety, and you may need chalk to improve your grip. This workout is often done with a buddy or a clan that will cheer you on as you push yourself further than you thought possible.

If you wear a pack on a hike so you can climb boulders at the top, either remove your pack for bouldering or make sure it’s snugged down tight. A bouncy pack can damage your balance and put you at risk of a fall. Take care to stretch before and after bouldering. If you use a computer as part of your employment, consider engaging in hand-strengthening exercises to reduce the chance of damaging your hands or wrists while climbing.

Eat More Veggies

Food and water are tools that you can use to reduce your body fat percentage. One of the simplest ways to make sure that you will use this tool is to put it front and center. When you get home with veggies, start the prep process before you need them. If you’re fixing salad for dinner, chop up and slice enough for the next meal. Avoidance, especially when you’re tired, can really get in the way of making healthy choices.

If you’re exhausted after a tough day and know that you will need to do a lot of prep to eat when you get home, the drive-thru will start to look really attractive. Additionally, as you chop up veggies for salads, soups, or stews, put some in single-serving containers or grab and go baggies. Treat yourself to hummus and split it into small containers that will travel with veggies.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make the healthiest choice the easiest choice. Invest in a quality water filtering pitcher or countertop unit that means fresh, filtered water is available for coffee, tea, or just drinking. Make sure you have at least two stainless steel water bottles and keep at least one full and right at the front of the refrigerator.

As soon as you open the door, design your refrigerator layout, so those crunchy veggies and that cool water is the first thing you see. Make using the filtered water a habit; prep your teakettle or coffeepot the night before and refill the filtering tool, so it’s loaded with water for the day. Additionally, fill up your water bottles before you go to bed so you can wake up and enjoy a cool drink to rehydrate your body before you engage in any other activities.