Most people have probably lived in a tiny bedroom at some point, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, given a choice, many would rather sleep in a cozy tiny room than spend nights in a cavernous space.

However, when you have a lot of clutter, it can easily overwhelm a space, displacing the feeling of rejuvenation and retreat that a bedroom is supposed to provide. Notably, small bedrooms are uniquely challenging to design and decorate because of one essential piece of large furniture, the bed.

Lack of space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style and, more importantly, your sense of freedom. Numerous simple bedroom design rules will leave you amazed at how quickly a room transforms.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some common ways to make your bedroom look more prominent, ranging from minor touch-ups to complete redesigns. Read on to find what suits you best.

The Lower, The Better

You’ve probably not considered this before, but it makes sense. Stay away from tall chairs and tables in your small bedroom design, and get rid of the high headboard.

Keeping your furniture short and low to the ground leaves more space towards the top of the room, thus making the ceiling seem higher. You can go for a Charly Bed to keep it as low as possible.

This technique comes with a whole host of advantages. A lower bed is minimal in appearance and delivers a timeless style. Typically, it is also less bulky. Another aesthetically pleasing benefit of a softer mattress is that you don’t need a bed skirt.

Space Saving Furniture

In a bid to make your small bedroom look more prominent, not all tiny bedroom design ideas are optical illusions. The bedroom will look more significant if you have more miniature furniture in it.

Minimize furniture in the bedroom by purchasing two-in-one pieces such as a bed with incorporated drawers. Another simple solution would be raising your bed with risers and storing your clothes beneath.

That should not be the end of it; you can also get creative with the rest of your small room furniture design ideas. Utilize foldable desks and chairs to store them when they aren’t used. This will go a long way to ensure that your tiny bedroom looks more spacious.

Built-in Shelving

Building shelving around your bedding and recessing the bed a bit.

You can design the shelving to double as a bedside table, saving space in that regard. Also, having the bed recessed creates an illusion of depth in the wall, making the small room feel bigger.

You can also use built-in shelves that extend vertically from floor to ceiling. They’re a great way to add storage, interest, and visual space to a bedroom. They’re also the best for small room space when that’s all you have to work with.

Wall shelves that hang on the wall are another fascinating option. They occupy a smaller footprint and make the bedroom look a bit bigger.

Go Leggy

Opting for leggy pieces of furniture makes it possible to see the floor under them. By exposing the legs on your table, you create the illusion of space and end up making the bedroom look more prominent.

However, not all pieces of furniture need to have legs. If you choose to use a low bed arrangement, make sure your chair or the nightstand has exposed legs. This way, you will create an illusion of space in your small room. For the bed, keep your bed skirt raised to expose the legs.

The fundamental trick to this idea is to keep the area below your furniture clean and organized. If possible, you should not store anything under the bed. The visible unused space works excellently to create a spacious feel.


Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in your bedroom come handy not only for checking out your gorgeous outfit but also for creating an illusion that there is more space. If you’ve ever been inside a funhouse covered floor to ceiling in mirrors, you can relate to the idea. You can use this knowledge to create a similar effect in your bedroom.

Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light and, if placed cleverly, create depth or height. Optimally, mirrors that go floor-to-ceiling are perfect for the job. The most common use of this would be mirrored closet doors, but those aren’t always part of every small bedroom design.

You can set your mirror near the window to give the small room a broader sense of space.