Whether you are hoping to remarry, or you’re just looking for a clean break, there are many reasons you might want to speed up your divorce. Divorce can be a costly process, particularly if you are paying a solicitor to argue your case for you.

One way to keep timescales down is to try to come to an amicable agreement and process the divorce as quickly as possible. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

How long does a divorce take?

If the divorce is pretty much amicable, you can expect it to take between four and six months. If there are disagreements along the way, it could take much longer. Disagreements may arise as a result of financial settlements, childcare arrangements, or deciding what to do with shared property. These are just some of the ways you can speed things up.

Decide a much as you can between you

When you agree on the finer details, the divorce will move forward at a faster pace. If you had a prenuptial agreement, you can use this as the basis of your divorce settlement. Without this, you will need to decide how to split your money, assets, pensions and childcare. If you both agree on how to move forward, you can finalise your divorce much quicker.

Be prepared to compromise

Your divorce will take longer and cost more if you insist on getting everything you want. And once it is finalised, you will likely be forced to make some compromises. To avoid this fate, accept that you’ll have to agree to some compromises right from the start. Once you accept that you win some and you lose some, you’ll quickly realise your divorce can be finalised a lot faster.

Choose mediation over solicitors

When you reach a stumbling point, don’t assume that all is lost. Remain calm about the situation and suggest meditation. Mediation may make your divorce quicker by avoiding the need to wait for a court date to settle important matters. Mediation works best if both parties are open to a compromise.

Get organised

The speed of your divorce is often determined by how quickly you can get your paperwork together. You’ll need accurate financial records, so it’s helpful if you have this information to hand. Getting organised and anticipating the next steps are two ways you can speed up the divorce process. For example, did you know it can take up to three months to get a report on the current value of your private pension?

Don’t sit on any paperwork

A common reason for delays is simply down to individuals sitting on paperwork for longer than is necessary. Once something arrives at your address, determine what needs to be done and aim to turn it around in 24 hours. This will help to keep the process moving forward and avoid unnecessary delays. Getting divorced near the Christmas period could delay your divorce as many courts will be closed for Christmas and New Year. Accept that some things are out of your control and focus on the things you can control.

Trust the process

A divorce takes as long as it does because it is an important life event. If divorce were too easy, marriage wouldn’t be as important. And a rushed divorce could lead to financial problems down the road if crucial things are overlooked. Use the time it takes to finalise your divorce to make plans for your newly single life, or to reflect on why you are getting divorced. Many couples hit the breaks during their divorce and decide to rekindle their relationship, and this would be less likely if a divorce was something you could agree to overnight.