Have you often seen women wearing off shoulder tops and thinking just how great it looks on them? Have you also fantasized of wearing them yourselves, only to realize that something is not quite right once you try them on? That might have led you to concluding that you’re just not built for this piece of clothing and that you should never wear it. Wrong!

As long as you know how to style them, you’ll be fine: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/how-to-wear-off-the-shoulder-tops/

Put differently, there’s no chance that you can’t pull off an off shoulder top, because practically everyone can. It’s just that, you may not be that skilled when it comes to styling it and wearing it the right way, which has led you to the assumption that this is not a piece of clothing you should add to your wardrobe. Why, it definitely is! But, you’ll have to learn how to wear it, as well as where to get great tops for you, which is what I’ll help you with today.

How to Wear Off Shoulder Tops

As you might have imagined, these tops serve to accentuate, well, your shoulders! So, if that’s the part of your body that you want to show off, and most of do, as it looks quite feminine and delicate, you’ll need to learn how to properly style these tops and how to look amazing wearing them. Not very difficult to do that, but you will have to keep a few things in mind.

The great thing about the off-shoulder top is that it can be worn for any occasion and it can fit any kind of a lifestyle and fashion sense. From hippy and casual, to professional and elegant, this specific clothing item can help you achieve it all. You’ll get to easily recreate any kind of a look you have in mind and look amazing while wearing the top. As mentioned, though, some tips on how to wear it the right way are essential, and you’ll find them below, as well as on this page.

1. The Right Bra Is Essential

Every woman knows that a bra can make or break pretty much any outfit. Even if you forget just how significant this piece of clothing is, when it comes to wearing an off shoulder top, the importance of the bra will suddenly come to light once again. Choosing the right one for you will make you look amazing, as opposed to wearing a wrong one that will make the entire outfit look weird.

Usually, when talking of choosing the right bras, women have size in mind. And, choosing the correct size is definitely extremely significant and it is, believe it or not, something that most women struggle with. When wearing an off shoulder top, though, apart from selecting the size, you’ll need to think about the bra straps as well. The strapless option is the most obvious one, but a lot of women don’t find it comfortable, meaning they’ll need to resort to a different solution. Going for lacy straps is always a good choice here, as it will further accentuate your femininity and your gentle side.

2. Pair It With a Stylish Skirt

Having chosen the right bra, now it’s time for you to start pairing the top with the bottom. A clear and easy choice, that will also look amazing, is a stylish skirt. The great thing here is that there’s no rule as to the length of the skirt that will go well with an off shoulder top. It all, thus, depends on your personal preferences. Make sure, however, to think about the colors and go for something that goes well together, instead of, perhaps, wearing an outfit that’s too colorful and that isn’t quite appealing.

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3. Or Keep It Simple With Jeans

Want to keep it even simpler? Lose the skirt and grab the jeans! This is the casual look that you want to have when you’re in the town, possibly running some errands or planning on spending the whole day outside for one reason or another. It is a comfortable outfit that will make you feel at ease the whole time, while also looking chic and amazing, thanks to your shoulders showing. So, if comfort combined with appeal is your cup of tea, this is the look for you.

4. Wear Something Above It to Keep Things Professional

Will you be visiting the office while wearing your off shoulder top? If yes, grabbing a cardigan to wear above it could be the right choice for you, as that’s how you’ll keep things professional. Of course, it all depends on the dress code in the office, but if the shoulders have to be covered, this is your perfect solution.

5. Everything Looks Better On Heels

Here’s a tip that every woman knows by now, but that we will never get tired of repeating. Everything looks better on heels. Adding heels to any of the proposed outfits will accentuate your shoulders even more, as it does wonders to the whole figure. And, when you take a look at The Mint Julep Boutique – off shoulder tops selection, you’ll see just how easy it is to imagine all of those outfits with heels and how great they would look on them.

Where to Get Yours

Planning on getting this piece of clothing for you as soon as possible, because you now know how to wear it? Or you want to get a few of them if you’ve recently fallen in love with outfits rocking this top? Finding the right ones for you will depend on finding the right shop. The great news? The shops can be found online. it get any easier?

The online solution makes things much easier, and gives you the opportunity to browse from a much wider selection. Remembering that choosing a reliable online store is, however, a must. Going for one that has been on the market for quite a while and that other customers have loved will guarantee a great shopping experience. Comparing the prices will, of course, also be helpful.