Check out our interview with talented country singer Sarah Ryder.

Sarah recently released an empowering and beautiful song “Woman” to celebrate all the important women in our lives. Sarah works closely as a signed songwriter under mentor, guitarist and producer Johnny Garcia’s Busy At Play Publishing. Johnny is Trisha Yearwood’s longtime Music Director and also plays for Garth Brooks. She has also written with high-profile songwriters including Dave Gibson, Bridgette Tatum and Marc Copely.

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Hi Sarah, please tell us a little about you?

I am a songwriter and country music artist in Nashville, TN. I love the music biz, and I especially love my resilient town full of so many amazing people! I love animals, especially my cats. In my downtime I enjoy hiking and being with friends, and tasting good wine.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal / Dedicated / Goofy

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far, and why?

My cousin, Amber, is the first one to come to mind. As a human and as a woman, her being by my side and supporting me has been a saving grace more than once!

How did you get started in the business?

I got started out in LA with producer Michael Jay. He taught me so much about writing and the business in general. I am so thankful for his encouragement to never quit.

Did you go to music school?

I started freshman year of college in a music program, but ultimately, I decided I wanted to learn and create in my own ways and experience the industry first hand for myself rather than in the classroom setting. I switched majors to business my sophomore year.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Country / Soulful / Honest

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Women of the 90’s influenced me the most. I don’t know if I chose to make music, I almost had to do it. I feel lost without it!

Now tell us about your new single “Woman?”

This song is about every woman. For me, every line I wrote, I wrote with a specific lady in my life in mind who has impacted me. I wanted to write a “love song to women” from me. Lately I have been so full of gratitude for my support system and I hope this song makes every woman feel special.

What’s the background/message of this song?

The message is one of encouragement and a celebration of every woman in the world. I wrote it wanting to display the highs and lows of what it often is to be a woman. We all go through so much and give so much. We all also know someone, who without, our lives would be so much emptier. It’s important that women everywhere support and encourage one another. Really, I just wanted to tell ladies everywhere they are amazing and doing a great job whatever that may be.

How is working with the talented Johnny Garcia?

It’s the best. Johnny is not only one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever known, but also the most talented. He has made me a better musician and writer over the years and I am so thankful for him.

What is your next goal as a musician?

My goal is to always learn from others and to always improve. Also, I would love to get better on the guitar haha

What we can expect of Sarah Ryder in 2020?

Hopefully some new music if we can get back in the studio!

What is you favorite song to belt out in the car/for karaoke?

Dwight Yoakam, “Guitars, Cadillacs” (car) Shania Twain, “Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under” (karaoke)

Name one of your strengths?

I don’t back down typically. When the going gets tough, I am good at putting my best foot forward and pressing on.

What is your own definition of happiness?

A quiet morning with coffee followed by a long walk, then a patio with friends.

Any loves other than music?

Horses and lots of land. My dream home would be on a hundred acres with trail rides every day!

What is your favorite healthy food?

Green Smoothies! (spinach, celery, lemons, apple)

And your favorite cheat food?

Nachos loaded with everything!

If you could meet someone living or dead, who would it be and why?

Ellen DeGeneres, because I mean, come on! What a gem of a human! Also, Oprah.

Where we can follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all music streaming platforms (@sarahryder)