CBD is a component of cannabis that has in recent years developed a cult following as a ‘miracle cure’ – and, while it is true that CBD oil can have some really positive side-effects, the government still regulates it. You can purchase CBD oil from most health food stores, but it is illegal to brand it for medicinal use, rather it can only be sold under the guise of being a food supplement. CBD when used in combination with THC has been proven to reduce seizures in those who have the misfortune of suffering from epilepsy.

With many trials currently going on studying CBD, we can hope to see it classified as a medicinal supplement in no time.

Does CBD Help with Managing Pain?

As most already know, the main reason for taking CBD on its own is pain relief. CBD has been proven to work in three main ways: the reduction of inflammation by limiting cytokine production, reducing anxiety and depression associated with inflammation by binding itself to the serotonin receptors in our brain, and binding and circumventing pain receptors in your central nervous system. It can be really hard to find accurate CBD information online, so you should make sure that you give it proper research if you are considering taking it. There is a lot of disinformation and fake news regarding CBD, both exaggerating its positives, and its negatives. One thing is for sure, there are hundreds of thousands of testimonies all agreeing CBD has changed their lives for the better.

How Does CBD Work?

For many, taking pharmaceutical drugs is not an option; there has been extensive research over the last few years into the detrimental effect pharmaceutical drugs actually have on us, and it has been proven that they can prove to have some seriously damaging effects on both our physical and our mental health. For that reason, many people have completely turned their back on the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs provided by most clinical physicians and doctors surgeries, in favour of a more natural and alleviating pain relief, that has little, if any, proven negative side-effects. Cannabis is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as pain relief and has not a single death attributed to its use, other than misadventure, which of course is a separate and isolated thing.

CBD works by binding to receptors as stated before, and after administration, takes between half-an-hour to an hour to work. The drug will continue to build up levels in your body for days afterwards, but there is no withdrawal unlike other pharmaceutical drugs, which is more of a reason people swear by it. CBD does not alter your state of mind and although a cannabis component, has no hallucinogenic or effects that could make you high.

The other component in cannabis that does that is THC, which is regulated by most countries around the world, but is also proven to have some really positive effects on your health. We shall see as the years progress how much research is done into the topic, and it is likely that sometime soon, cannabis will be legal globally, and people can get the proper health care they deserve.