Italy, France and the UK are usually high on the list of many people who want to move from the US to Europe. It’s for good reason as those are places that many of them have probably visited and fallen in love with.

The thing is, Europe is very big and there are other places that should definitely be considered. Especially since another landing spot may actually suit your needs better. In fact, many Eastern European countries have an easier path to residency than those in the West.

There are pros and cons to anywhere and Eastern Europe is no exception, but there may be more pros than you had considered. In this article, we will go over several reasons that you should be thinking of heading East if you plan to live in the EU.

Excellent healthcare system

While it does highly depend on what country you are looking into, the healthcare can be very good. In most places you will either want or actually need, to have private insurance like international health insurance for US expats.

But, you will get access to many great doctors that have trained in places like the US, Germany and the UK and then come back to their home country. These countries heavily focus on keeping people healthy with preventative medicine so you are likely to live a much healthier life there, too.

Low cost of living

The cost of living is a fraction of what it costs in similar-sized cities in the West. This doesn’t do much for the locals as the salaries are also low. But, if you are making an American wage and living in the East, you will see significant savings.

In many cities, you can get a centrally located apartment for less than €500 a month and in mid-size cities even less than that. Food is also very cheap and eating out can be as cheap as dining in if you go to traditional family-run restaurants in a rural area.

Cultural events are also priced low so that everybody can have access to theater, circuses and music.

Good infrastructure

Romania has invested heavily in its high-speed fiber internet and now boasts being among the fastest and most stable internet in the world.

If you plan to move there to work remotely or start an online business then you depend on a good internet connection which is available just about anywhere. And it is very low cost. For the price of a cup of coffee per day, you can have a connection as fast as 100mbps.

Aside from the internet, mobile phones also have great connections and service even in some remote areas in the rural parts of the country. There are a lot of providers so the competition has meant that quality has to be high and the price low.

Then, transportation links are very good. The EU has invested a lot of money in the railway systems in the East so taking a train can get you just about anywhere quickly and cheaply.