Hi Markus thank you for having the time to chat with us.

You’re welcome.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I always find this to be a weird question. Its seems too broad. I like more direct question (Thats something)

How’s a typical day in your life?

Nothing too typical about my day. Being a partner in the H.Wood group and having a jewelry collection, my day seems to be different everyday. If I am working in LA my day starts off in the office with my team. We go over upcoming event and try to come up with new creative events for the year. In the evening I mostly start off with dinner at The Nice Guy and then move on to one of my various night clubs or bars. If its Tuesday night then it would be Bootsy Bellows which is now closed for a remodel. She’s (Bootsy) getting that Beverly Hills facelift which I’m super excited for. Wednesday is Henrys. Thursday and Fridays I go to our newly opened venue The Blind Dragon. Its more of a lounge with private karaoke booths. SUPER SEXY and SUPER FUN. My Saturday nights I could do up to three places,The Nice Guy then an hour or so at The Blind Dragon then I end my night at Henrys.


Who or what inspires you?

My friends. Katy Perry my BFF has always been such a huge inspiration for me to do more. She’s extremely driven. So if i’m tired or feeling a bit drained I think about what her day must be like and it gives me the energy to go that extra mile. All my friends are like this and I draw creatively from all of them.

How did you got involved in the Entertainment business and part of the h.wood group?

John Terzian, my partner. He saw something in me 8 years ago and asked me to join him and Brian Toll our other partner then we found Adam Koral. I’m truly thankful to have them in my life. People ask me all the time how to get started in this business and I tell them they can not. I truly believe finding partners like the ones I have, its like catching lighting in a bottle. Impossible.

How is working with John Terzian and David Arquette?

John is my rock. He is the very definition of a gentlemen. Brian Toll and John and my whole team feels like one large extremely close family. Something I didn’t really have in my childhood, having a single mother. Its why I cherish their partnership and friendships. We truly are friends and that means something much more. David Arquette is like a unicorn. Always colorful and he’s filled with so much love for people it seems like he’s going to burst into a rainbow everyday. We have such a love for one another and he is nothing but a complement to us. Lucky to have him.


Do you participate in the decor ideas for your venues?

We all do but John is the true visionary. He studied art, along with law. But yes, its definitely a collaborate process with all our events and venues.

Can you tell us something nobody knows about Bootsy Bellows, The Nice Guy, Henry’s, Bling Dragon?

Not sure how many people know that the name Bootsy Bellows came from David Arquette. It was he’s moms pinup name in the 60’s. It seemed so fitting to our original them for decor being the Rat Pack era. The Nice Guy is Mafia theme and if you’re privileged enough to get what we call as the “mafia table” in the kitchen you can experience that Goodfellas sort of dining experience. The name Henry’s came what was meant to be as an insult on a our group. The sender who was not too happy about us passing called us a bunch of Hooray Henrys which is a British slang for basically an upper class flaunting brat that like to party. When John looked it up a picture of Prince Harry popped. He’s Johns hero. The Blind dragon is my new favorite of our venues. It has a life size Bruce Lee. My childhood hero. I know everything about him. This particular design choice made by our design group John Sofio and Sormeh Azad of Built told me that I was truly on the right path in life.

Why do you think A-Celebs like to hang out in your venues?

We don’t design for “celebs” we design for us and our friends. We think first would we like to hang out here every night and would our friends want to. Just so happens some our friends are really famous. With these friendships we try to keep it a private experience for everyone. We don’t call paparazzi or release any details of their experience with us. I think thats important. Feeling free to just be yourself and have fun with your friends.

Do you guys have plans to open new venues outside L.A.?

Always looking for the next space that fits perfectly with our every growing portfolio. Our most recent opening will take us to Vegas. We are opening Heart inside the Omnia night club at Caesars Palace. Its the “Heart” of Omnia. The music and parties will be curated by us.

Do you still design jewelry?

I do and I plan on coming out with a new collection this year with my partner Jason Arasheben of Jason Of Beverly Hills. Our new collection for J.Molinari which I designed over a year ago after watching the movie The Doors will be called Coven. Think chic witch.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? And why?

I have plenty of favorites for many different esthetic reasons. Karl Lagerfeld, Marco Marco, Jeremy Scott, Rick Owens, Rosetta Getty, Neil Barrett, Tom Ford, Jean Charles Castelbajac, Johnny Wujek, Brian Lichtenberg, Marc Jacob, Alexander Wang, August Gett, Peter Dundas, John Galliano etc.

What do you think separated yourself from all the others that only dreamed to be in the position that you are in right now?

That I stopped dreaming and made it a reality. I’m a huge dreamer but I take those dreams and I wake up and live it. I’m not doing the impossible. But I’m am living the dream.


What’s your own definition of happiness?

Just to be. Its a choice.

Any future plans you want to share with us?

I’m thinking about designing a hat collection. Tribute to Isabella Blow.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

Hotels. Owning. Designing.

Favorite Halloween costume?

I was Marie Antoinette one year. Or the time Katy Perry and I dressed up as Holy Shits.

Favorite Christmas present?

My Hermes gloves that my friend Reda got for me when I first opened Bootsy Aspen. I was so excited to use them and when I opened the box I realized I had two right hands. That little dumb dumb.

Name 3 people you admire.

Diana Vreeland, Susan Sarandon, and Cher

What is your favorite movie?

Mahogony starring Diana Ross. ” The men love me, the women love me, the children love me.Me, Mohogony”

Can’t leave the house without?

Clutch, Jewelry, Chanel #5

Where we can follow you?

Dont follow me. I have taser. You can stalk me on Instagram: Mdmolinari and Twitter: Mdmolinari


Music: Ferras

Actor/Actress: Eddie Redmayne / Shannon Woodward.

City: Paris

Drink: Always

Food: Whats the question? You should always leave a little for the mice.