Franklin Roberto Lashley is a professional wrestler who competes in the WWE, in their Raw Brand. Franklin is more popularly known as Bobby Lashley, he was born on the 16 July 1976. He made his debut back in 2005.

Catherine Joy Perry is an American professional wrestler, She is a part of the WWE roster and currently performs in its SmackDown brand. Catherine is more commonly known by her ring name Lana, She was born on the 24th March 1985.

Bobby Lashley and Lana have been a storyline for quite some time now, In latest WWE News, Bobby Lashley and Lana’s affair storyline has grown leaps and bounds, Lana has claimed that she has filed for divorce against her husband Rusev and has also filed a restraining order against The Bulgarian Brute.

The storyline is one of the most popular storylines and when Rusev was asked about his views on the same, he said, “How can I not be happy? It’s the hottest storyline in WWE.”

Rusev genuinely seemed happy to be involved in storylines such as this, Storylines such as the one involving Rusev, Lashley, and Lana were popular back in the attitude era. And with the fans getting such a storyline after such a long time seem genuinely invested in it.

In the latest episode of WWE Raw, Lana claimed that she was going to be a mother and that Rusev was the father of the child, this announcement proved shocking to The Bulgarian Brute, but it was revealed that this was just a ploy of Lana to mess with Rusev. Many people have not been in favor of the storylines many fans, critics and people within the company have ridiculed the storyline.

Although Rusev is not affected by it, as the storyline is one of the highest viewed WWE videos on YouTube, Rusev, Lana and Lashley are professionals and have taken the storyline to the next level, they worked hard and their work has reflected in the ratings, This storyline was one of the highest viewed segments of WWE in a long time.

Many such storylines were a regular part of WWE back in the attitude era, and although the WWE has changed a lot since then, there can be no denying the fact that the attitude era was one of the most successful WWE eras, and certainly the most popular and if the fans are reminded of that or compare this storyline with some of the storylines from back then it should mean that the WWE is doing something right and that the fans do want to watch these sorts of storylines.

Where this storyline leads to is anyone guesses, It would eventually result in some sort of a match between Rusev and Lana, but the storyline surrounding the match would be what makes it special, it could be a case of Rusev trying to win back Lana, and Bobby fighting to prove he is the one for her, it could all pan out to be an interesting and drama-filled finale fight between two great wrestlers.