While the crypto boom feels like yesterday, it all started back in 2008 with the inception of Bitcoin by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea was simple: a network without the need for trust, where people participate in harmony to maintain the network. Why would they do so? Satoshi came up with a consensus mechanism: when people help to maintain the network and validate transactions, they are rewarded with bitcoin themselves. Once the network participants have a stake, they have an interest and will act in the interest of the network.

Lots have changed since then

When looking at today’s distributed finance (di-fi) domain, the inception of Bitcoin feels like centuries ago. Many other cryptocurrencies emerged, now equalling over 2000 different coins being traded. Next to the initial Bitcoin consensus mechanism, known as Proof of Work, many others have emerged. This resulted in a vibrant space where over 200 million people transact and trade daily. With such an increase in available coins, the need for a crypto tracker becomes more important than ever.

What is a crypto tracker?

A tracker is based on simple foundations. When you own cryptocurrencies, you will have a wallet that stores these coins. Every currency has its wallet(s); depending on the popularity, third parties are also developing wallets that support the currency. A crypto tracker allows you to have an overview of the holdings across the wallets by leveraging the public key. This key is the identification number of your account and is publicly available. This means that it is safe to use and you share private information with the tracker. In return, you get a complete and real-time overview of your holdings.

Delta.app as a leading provider in the field

Delta.app is a tracker that has been a leader in the field. Not only due to the functionalities it provides, but also due to the vast amounts of integrations possible. Delta.app is not only offering integrations with wallets from major cryptocurrencies, but they also allow integrations to brokers of stocks and bonds. For investors that are active across the spectrum of (digital) financial assets, this is a great technology that creates a holistic perspective.

The latest market news and notifications

Especially in a sentimental-driven market such as cryptocurrencies, it is of essence to have the latest information available. When you have a crypto tracker, you not only integrate holdings but also get information on those holdings. For example, you will receive any market update when relevant and can also set thresholds (e.g., gains and losses) based on a certain percentage. Hereby you do not have to continuously monitor the market to trade with the latest information.

Continue to receive a yield on your holdings

Another important cornerstone for users of a tracker is the fact that you can continue to receive yield. For example, when participating in Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms, you receive coins based on the transactions you validate. When you hold your coins inside a broker account, you will not be part of the staking mechanism. By using the tracker, you do have the latest view of your portfolio while you continue to see your portfolio grow.