If you are a jewellery lover that is on the search for the trendiest pieces of jewelry this year then you will not be disappointed. Whether you are looking for pieces for yourself or a Christmas gift for a loved one, there are plenty of options available for you this season. Boho jewelry is made for free-spirited and fun-loving souls, with items ranging from small to large, chunky to tiny, the boho style truly offers freedom of choice and flexibility that will match your style.

Here are some must-have pieces to include in your boho jewelry collection this year!

Textile Earrings

Bohemian style offers a range of choices when it comes to earrings, and textile earrings are a great trendy piece this year. With vibrant colours and patterns, larger textile-based earrings are a great addition to any jewelry collection. When looking for boho jewellery in Australia you can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of earrings. With unique prints, sizes, and shapes, these lightweight and natural earrings will be a great addition to any collection and reflect your natural style.

Having a bold boho earring option will allow you to make a statement in style!

Natural and Layered Necklaces

Necklaces are often the centerpiece of any outfit and when choosing your perfect boho necklace, you can’t go wrong with this classic bohemian piece. Necklaces sourced from nature, such as shell or woven hemp necklaces, will be easily paired with many outfits and can be worn for different functions. From formal dinners to a day at the beach, these necklaces will leave you making an impression and presenting your style with grace and beauty.

Shell necklaces will often be made with other natural materials, enhancing their overall bohemian vibe, but can also be made to look more formal, with a single natural piece hanging from a long draping chain. No matter what style you prefer, necklaces made from nature will show those around you that you embrace nature and have a free and flowing spirit.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a way you can make a great statement, that shows your boho roots and expresses your freedom of style. Different from traditional earrings, these cuffs can be made to fit any style. From plain to extravagant, ear cuffs make a beautiful statement. Often with designs inspired by nature, ear cuffs are a beautiful piece to add to any collection this year!


Who says jewelry has to be limited to necklaces, earrings, and rings?! Having a few anklets in your repertoire will add to your earthy style and free-spirited vibe. Perfect for days at the beach, or to pair with shorter outfits, anklets will accentuate your legs, feet and can also draw attention to your favourite pair of shoes, or your new pedicure if you choose to go barefoot. Anklets can be made from natural materials, fine metals, gemstones, and any other number of materials. Adding an anklet or two to your jewelry collection will allow you to showcase this piece when the time comes, and accessorize your favourite shorts or dress when you step out in strappy sandals.

Anklets are a required piece for your fully rounded boho jewelry collection.

Crystals and Gemstones

No matter what part of your body you are adorning, having a couple of staple gemstone pieces will make your collection that much better. From crystal pendants to gemstone rings, these materials scream boho-chic and will be easily paired with any outfit for any occasion. Crystals and gemstones bring out the natural vibe that is everything to the boho style. Without a few staple pieces that showcase these materials, your collection will be lacking.

Having that perfect crystal pendant for everyday wear will round out your boho collection.

With so many trendy options available this year, it can be hard to choose which pieces will make the most impact on your collection but these are the basics upon which you can build a strong statement with your style. Treat yourself to a new piece for every part of your body and you will find yourself able to mix, match and pair your pieces with any number of outfits.

As with any good collection, starting with the basics and building from there is the way to have a solid foundation, and your jewellery collection is no different. With some strong earrings, some statement piece necklaces, and adornments for the rest of your body you are sure to enjoy these boho pieces and how they project your style, personality, and love for nature!