2017 has arrived and millions of people across the world will have started their various resolutions. Up there at the top of the common resolutions will no doubt be diets, exercise and other health kicks that will generally fade once January passes.

However, there are ways of sustaining a healthier lifestyle that don’t have to take all of the fun out of your life. Taking this approach rather than an all-or-nothing approach can be much more effective to maintain over the longer term.


Let’s take a look at some of the methods that you can try to ensure your health kick doesn’t die a quick death:

Keep it Fun – If you are building exercise into your lifestyle then you have to make sure that it is something that you enjoy. If you are forcing yourself to go out running but you don’t actually like it, then when the weather doesn’t suit, or you’ve had a bad day, you will make excuses not to go. Try your hardest to find something that you like to do that incorporates exercise, even better if you sign up for classes or a club that has regular times as you are less likely to cancel if you have booked a class.

Keep it Realistic – There is no point signing up to run a marathon in a few weeks time if you don’t even own a pair of trainers, let alone have the fitness level to complete a very long distance run. Fitness must be built over time and setting unrealistic expectation of yourself and then failing can be demoralizing. Start off slowly and build up.

Get Creative – If you’re looking to make dietary changes then don’t bore yourself with the same bland food day after day. Get creative in the kitchen and maybe have theme nights of food from around the world to keep things fresh and fun. You might open your eyes to a world of new cuisines, as well as build up your culinary skills.

There are lots of other important ways you can look after your health, from regular check ups with your doctor to toning down the partying lifestyle.

A sure way of improving your health is to cut back on drinking and smoking, both factors that have significant impact on your health. Reducing or stopping altogether will make you feel fitter, help you to lose weight and as alcohol is a depressant, it can make you much happier if you reduce or remove it from your lifestyle.

Alcohol can also lead to bad decision-making, whether it is to order a fat-filled takeaway or sleeping with someone that you don’t know very well. Drinking can impair your judgment. If you do end up in a situation where you’ve made a bad decision, STD treatment is available and should be sought as quickly as possible.

Whatever your resolution(s) are this year, hopefully these tips will keep you well on track for a healthier you in 2017.