When your scalp is dry it will become itchy. This will lead to you itching it and small bits of skin flaking off. It can quickly be frustrating and the lack of moisture will affect your hair. Dry hair looks flat and is easily broken. You will almost certainly develop split ends and find that your hair is easily damaged, you may even accidentally pull sections out.
Fortunately, you don’t need to put up with dry hair or scalp.

The Right Product

Stop using the hair care product you’ve been using and take a look at some of the other products on the market. You are looking for one that uses natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals. This will encourage natural oils to your head which prevent it from being dry. These oils also coat the outside of your hair, locking moisture in.

You need to use a moisturizing shampoo to help build moisture in your hair. Milder shampoos are better at helping your hair maintain nutrients.

Hair Curlers

In general, hot tools are frowned upon, especially when you already have dry hair. But, when you purchase quality items, such as the ghd hair curler, you can adjust the heat down. This reduces the likelihood of damage to your hair and the curling will add volume.

It won’t stop your dry hair but it will make it look glossier and fuller while it heals.

Consider Your Diet

Hair is made of protein, which means you need plenty of protein in your diet. You also need to be getting enough vitamins and minerals to ensure your scalp is producing the sebum oil that protects your hair. Check you are eating a balanced diet and, if not, adjust it.

Drink Plenty

Your body is approximately 60% water. Water is present in all your cells and helps to transfer nutrients into cells and toxins out. You can’t have hydrated hair unless you are properly hydrated. You should aim to be drinking eight glasses of water a day to maintain your hydration levels.

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

Even though you will have now switched hair care products you should also change to washing your hair every other day. This reduces the impact of shampoo and other products on your scalp, allowing it to recover and improve the hydration of your hair.

Professional Assistance

It is worth booking an appointment with a professional. Having your hair re-styled, especially if you go shorter, can help it to be better hydrated. It will also allow the professionals to remove your split ends and give you a deep conditioning. This will push moisture into your scalp and hair follicles to boost their health and hydration.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage can feel great but it also serves a useful purpose. The massage encourages blood flow to the head which boosts the flow of nutrients and water. This helps your hair and your scalp to become better hydrated and healthier.