After a long work week, you may feel agitated, frustrated, and ready for a break. If you have no vacations left, one option is to get yourself a little treat. Studies have shown that small, frequent rewards increase motivation and productivity in all aspects of your life. The next time you find yourself beaten down by life, remember to include some self-care with these four rewards.

We give you four ideas on how to treat yourself right and choose a reward

1. Investment Pieces

We wear clothing every day of our lives, so our clothes should be expensive and well-thought-out, right? However, 61% of buyers have no interest in high-quality clothing that lasts a long time, opting for cheaper clothing that will fall apart after one season of wearing. If this sounds like you, you may want to consider treating yourself with some nicer clothing. The clothes you wear are a direct reflection of your personality, and wearing cheap, low-quality clothes might make you feel just the same.

For a real treat, buy the more expensive stuff with no guilt. Generally speaking, expensive investment pieces are made with high-quality materials and labor, so they will look amazing on you for a long time. Nice clothes are a great way to reward yourself after a job well done.

You may overlook this, but living nicely makes you feel nice as well

2. Home Decor

If you come home to a bland, basic apartment every day, you know that an impersonal space can drain your energy faster than work. Decorating is expensive, time-consuming, and tedious, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to feel relaxed and tranquil while at home. The way your home looks and feels has a direct impact on your feelings of well-being.

Although beginning with a blank canvas can feel overwhelming, try starting with the basics. Paintings allow you to express yourself without taking up any floor space. Of course, make sure that your wall-hangings are few and far apart since blank wall space can make a room feel larger. To add a truly personalized touch, choose paintings that are custom-made and specific for you. For example, if you’re missing your childhood home, you can get custom house paintings from instapainting.com. An artist will take a photo of the house, painstakingly paint the details, and then send a new, beautiful canvas to decorate your walls.

Purchasing some much-needed decorations is an awesome way to treat yourself. Often we think of food or clothing when going on a shopping spree, but don’t neglect your home. The place you go to relax after work or social situations should feel calming, decorated, and personal.

3. Scents

Scents have been proven to evoke strong emotions – a calming floral scent can wind you down, while an exciting, spicy scent can get you ready for a date night. When thinking about a treat for yourself, consider some scents. Candles, essential oils, and perfumes are all great purchases when it comes to bringing positivity in your life.

When considering what scents to purchase as a treat, if you want something relaxing, eucalyptus is the way to go. This plant-based scent is cooling and herbal, which makes it perfect for a long hot bath or a DIY spa-day.

If you’re looking for something cozier, sweet scents will make you feel luxurious during a lazy day. Vanilla is a popular scent, but try getting adventurous with your purchases; s’mores for marshmallow lovers, caramel for a sweet-tooth, or a pumpkin pie candle for the season. These warm and inviting smells will feel like a hug, which will make you feel much better after a long work week.

You’ve never thought that these gifts could make you feel more appreciated

4. Relaxation Retreat

Finally, when all else fails and you’re still in need of a treat, a relaxation retreat will wash all your worries away. A relaxation retreat can be any of your favorite activities – anything that relaxes or calms you down. You can choose to get a pedicure, a massage, or a facial. If activities are more your scene, playing an intramural sport can also count as a little retreat from the “real world.” Basically, any activity that takes you out of the moment can serve as a beautiful gift during stressful times. Take some time out of your day to head to the spa, gym, or the beach, and you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Self-care is extremely important when it comes to your mental health. Making sure to reward yourself after a job well-done can make you more motivated in the long run, so these four gift ideas will grant you some much-needed relaxation while also improving your productivity.