The living room is the heart of every home, the living room is the social area of the home, where families get together to enjoy each other’s company, watch TV & films, and to relax. As such, the living room deserves some respect for bringing families together, to treat our living rooms with respect means that we should be making sure they look as fabulous as possible.

So, today, we’ll be looking at some easy and low cost ways to bring some new life into your living room in order to curate a homely vibe within the room.

Bring New Colour To Your Window Blinds

Window blinds are one of the most important furnishings in the home, as they control the lighting of the room and can be used to inject colour into a room. So upgrading blinds is our first stop for living room upgrades.

While new blinds may seem expensive, you can save a lot of money by simply purchasing vertical blinds replacement slats and swapping out your old slats for the new ones, because you use the headrail that you already have, the cost is noticeably lower than buying a whole new set of blinds. This is a cost effective way to add some new life and flair into your living room and can be done as a quick 10 minute job.

Re-Style Your Sofas With Blankets & Cushions

When it comes to furniture in living rooms, the sofa reigns as king of the living room, it’s where you’ll be sat most of the time and as they’re large the sofas are a centre point of the living room, drawing the eye to them making them a prominent feature.

Buying a new sofa is very expensive, but there are easier and cheaper ways to bring a new look to your sofas, by using custom cushions and sofa throws, you can give your sofa a brand new look without you needing to make any large changes. Simply just put a throw of your choice on the sofa and voila, it looks as good as new.

Add Life Back Into Old Wooden Units

Wooden units are common in living rooms, whether they’re coffee tables, TV units or shelving units, they’re in almost every living room in the country. The problem with wooden units however is that they don’t always age gracefully and over time can lose colour and pick up scratches and scuffs.

So, rather than buying new wooden units, we can simply refurbish or upcycle the items we already have, to do this all you need is some paint or some wood Stainer, this will cover up any scuffs and scratches, as well as making the colouring of the units more vibrant and eye catching.

So, there you have it, three really simple upgrades you can make to your living room quickly and cheaply that will bring a new lease of life to your living room and keep it looking amazing for years to come.