Every day many people encounter accidents and find themselves injured, in need of medical attention. Whether it’s an accident that occurred at work, damages as a result of another vehicle or even due to malpractice by a doctor, you’ll find that many accidents can be considered as personal injury and qualify for a lawsuit. To help you understand what personal injury cases are or how to hold someone else legally responsible, here’s a few cases that qualify as a personal injury lawsuit.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common personal injury lawsuits occur from car accidents. That’s because more often than not, you’ll find that accidents occur due to the fact that someone wasn’t following the rules and regulations. This could include speeding, drinking while driving, texting and driving, distracted driving or even being in the wrong lane. When it comes to car accidents, you’ll find that you might need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need. Because there are certain protocols that need to be taken, evidence that needs to be collected, and a process that requires a specific time frame, a lawyer will be able to determine whether or not your case is eligible for compensation and the steps that should be taken. In most cases, if you’ve been injured in an accident, a medical report needs to be filled out to get compensation to help cover medical bills as well as damages that occur if you need to take time off work. However, it’s always best to check with a lawyer as each case differs.

Slip and Fall Cases

If you’re a victim of a slip and fall case, your case will probably qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Slip and fall cases are any accidents that happen in a workplace due to negligence and put you in danger. This could be a wet floor that you slipped on, misplaced furniture or objects that you tripped over, or even an obvious problem that the workplace knew about and did not put the effort into ensuring your safety. Because it is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the people on the premises safe, accidents and hazards that occur due to incompetence or disregard could be considered as a personal injury lawsuit and the owner could be held accountable. However, the nature of the accident will be the determining factor of whether or not you qualify for compensation.

Medical Malpractice

While doctors are in the business to save lives, they are also at risk of a personal injury lawsuit whenever they make a mistake. Unfortunately, a mistake in the medical field can cause severe complications or even death. If you or a family member have suffered from medical malpractice and ended up getting the wrong treatment or analysis which led to even worse health conditions or death, then you or your family have the right to file a malpractice lawsuit due to personal injury. While this will not make amends or fix your health issues, it at least helps put a stop to negligence in the medical field and offer compensation.

Dog Attacks

You’d be surprised to know that being bitten or attacked by a dog will also fall under a personal injury case. Because a dog should be trained enough to ensure other people’s safety, when a dog goes rogue, the owner of the dog is usually found responsible for any injuries or damages the dog causes. However, the nature of the dog and their previous encounters may reflect whether it’s considered a personal injury lawsuit or not depending on your area’s laws.

Construction Accidents

Accidents that occur on construction sites can be extremely dangerous and have a huge impact. Because of their severity, many construction accidents fall under a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll probably qualify for a personal injury lawsuit if your accident has occurred as a result of falling objects and debris, collapsing roofs, holes in construction floors as well as accidents that occur due to cranes or any other equipment. Whether you’re on a construction site or injured due to construction accidents, you can find yourself eligible for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

While the damages that may occur during an accident cannot be emotionally compensated, filing a personal injury lawsuit allows the person or company to be held liable and open their eyes to extreme measures of safety that need to be taken. It also allows you to be compensated for your medical bills as well as emotional, mental and physical damages that occurred as a result of the accident.