Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is critical. Though veterinarians can perform a deep clean under anesthesia, this isn’t a sustainable method for maintaining your pet’s dental hygiene.

It’s best to do everything you can to clean your dog’s teeth yourself. Daily brushing is recommended, although many dogs will run at the sight of a toothbrush. Fortunately, there are other methods for keeping your dog’s teeth clean, some of which they might even enjoy!

Without any further ado, here are some of the best ways to ensure a high standard of dental hygiene in your pet:

Water Additives

Water additives, like Dental formula for dogs, for example, target plaque, support healthy gums and freshen breath. Water additives are simple to administer, where you’ll simply need to drop a recommended quantity of liquid into your dog’s water bowl.

This is a great method for promoting dental hygiene, particularly if your dog enjoys the taste!

Natural Dental Sprays

The natural canine dental spray is a great option for reducing tartar and plaque build-up, and in many cases preventing it altogether. The spray is only useful if you can hold your dog still enough for you to gain access to your dog’s teeth, which involves picking up their lips on either side of their face.

Dental sprays control the bacteria known for causing bad breath, providing you can spray the product directly onto the most affected teeth in your dog’s mouth. Sprays offer a lingering minty freshness, something which is pleasant for both dog and owner to experience.

Healthy Diet

Some companies will convince you that dry kibble is preferable for your dog’s teeth. This is about as logical as asking a human to clean their teeth with crackers. What’s most important is to ensure your pet eats a healthy diet, one that’s fresh with healthy ingredients.

A combination of wet and dry food can promote a varied, balanced diet, where natural foods will improve your dog’s health, wellbeing, and dental hygiene.

Chew Toys

Dental chew toys will help scrape the plaque from the surface of your dog’s teeth. These toys will encourage your dog to follow their primal instinct and chew, which naturally alleviates stress while bolstering the strength of your canine’s teeth. It’s important to supervise your dog to ensure they don’t swallow any large pieces, which can potentially lead to choking if your dog is left unattended.

Raw Bones

Raw bones are satisfying for dogs to chew on, offering the best of both world’s scenario for dogs whose teeth will dramatically improve under these conditions. Choosing size appropriate bones is key, to avoid creating a choking hazard for your pet. A bone that is too small for one breed may be the perfect size for the next, it’s a case of experimenting to find bones that are the perfect size for your dog.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, also referred to as nature’s toothpaste has some fantastic antimicrobial properties which work wonders for your dog’s teeth. What’s great about coconut oil is you won’t have any problems getting it into your dog’s mouth, as you’ll notice how they love the flavor!

A great tip for applying the oil is to take a raw carrot, poke a few holes in it and drip liquid it into the spaces created. Place your carrot in the freezer to solidify it, before serving the carrot to your dog.

Your dog will have a fantastic time gnawing away at the carrot, which will clean your dog’s teeth in a natural, cost-effective fashion.

Tooth Wipes

If you can just about get your fingers in your dog’s mouth, but don’t seem to have any luck getting a toothbrush in there, finger wipes are an ideal solution. Simply wipe your dog’s teeth to remove plaque, eliminate bad odors and eradicate tartar build-up.

Your dog’s breath will be fresher than ever, eliminating bacteria by simply wiping the edges of your dog’s gums and teeth.