We all have that friend; who is constantly wrapped in a blanket and making warm cocoa just to warm up their hands despite it being sunny outside. He or she insists on wearing layers upon layers of clothes in October and at home, you’ll find a space heater in every room.

If you know someone like this, it can be hard living with someone that cannot stand the cold. The windows will always be too drafty and you already know that no one else is allowed to control the thermostat other than them. Even when the heat is pumping at full capacity, they are always complaining of sniffles and colds (and they wonder why people avoid them at all costs).

It is quite normal to feel unpleasantly cold when you step out in the depths of winter or if your wife, husband or boyfriend prefers an aggressive AC. But if you know someone that feels cold all the time apparently for no reason, it might even be a sign of medical problems.

Some individuals just feel cold all the time. Some suffer from a condition known as hypothyroidism, which causes among other problems, s serious hypersensitivity to the cold. Other health conditions such as anemia and Raynaud’s disease can even cause sufferers to feel pain when they are exposed to the cold.

So rather than let your loved one shiver, even if it seems strange in warm weather, gift them something that they will appreciate. But what is there to get beyond your basic blanket? The good news is that there are plenty of gift ideas out there that can help keep your loved one warm and toasty without breaking your bank.

To ensure that you get the right gift, one that will wow and dazzle, here are some gift suggestions that to keep the coldest of the coldest warm, even when the temperatures dip well into the double negatives:

Thermal socks

Socks are a must during the colder months of winter. However, if you have that friend who’s always cold no matter what, they may need highly insulated socks, which is where thermal socks come in. Perfect for all situations, whether you are climbing up the mountains or just looking for something to insulate you from freezing hardwood floors, you cannot go wrong with thermal socks.

Most are designed using materials that allow them to wick moisture so that the wearer can stay comfortable throughout. And you can get a design that suits the recipient’s personality with an array of options available from colorful and patterned varieties to big chunky wool selections that are perfect for doing nothing at home.

A temperature-controlled coffee mug

Some people are just slow coffee drinkers, and that’s ok. However, there is nothing as annoying as having to keep reheating coffee in the microwave after it’s gone cold, which is why a temperature-controlled coffee mug will come highly appreciated as a gift.

Most temperature-controlled mugs integrate with their corresponding apps, allowing the user to set their desired drinking temperature, which can be maintained for over an hour. Once the user sets their preferred temperature, they will receive a notification that their coffee is ready.

Overall, a smart mug can transform the way your friend caffeinated, permitting him or her to introduce a scientific level of precision to their coffee drinking. And their hands will be kept warm in the process which is a win all round!

A quality gravity blanket

Is your friend constantly piling on the duvets and blankets even when it is warm outside? Try offering a quality gravity blanket that is designed to simulate the feeling of being hugged or being held. Not only can a gravity blanket make sure that your loved one is warm 24/7, but they also do wonders for stress, insomnia, and anxiety, which means that you will get your money’s worth.

The inside of every gravity blanket is a cotton insert that has many sealed chambers. Each of the chambers contains fine granules or glass micro-beads that are distributed equally throughout the blanket, which eliminates any bumpy sections and instead provides a wonderfully dense blanket. The beads also help to impart a relaxing feeling of deep pressure, which is a godsend for restless sleepers.

A rechargeable hand warmer

Is your loved one constantly complaining about cold hands? Do them (and yourself) a favor by gifting them with a rechargeable hand warmer. Whether you are buying for an outdoorsy type that is constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep themselves warm on their trails or you are just buying for someone that always has cold hands, these are great additions to have.

There is such a wide range of hand warmers to choose from warmers that only supply heat on one side of the design to double-sided ones designed to heat your hands evenly. If you are buying a hand warmer for someone special and want to impress, consider a rechargeable hand warmer that can also double up as a phone charger.

Such warmers come with different heat settings, which is great for anyone that wants to get really warm. They can fit easily in one’s palm and would suit anyone that is looking to get rid of their traditional fluid warmers. Give this wonderful gift of warmth to anyone that is constantly sniffling, shivering or complaining about the chill outside.

Final Words

Do you have that one friend who is constantly freezing regardless of the season? Then you should seriously consider gifting them with something that can make the cold more tolerable for them.

Rather than grab that obvious electric heater, you should know that there are numerous products out there create to target the specific needs of someone that is perpetually cold. Lucky for you, this detailed list will guide you and set you off in the right direction so that you do not end up getting a gift that you will regret later.