Rental cleaning can be challenging and stressful. There are a lot of things to take into account and several decisions to make. Cleaning the entire house can require a lot of effort and time. if you want to secure the bond money, it is imperative to get the house in its original state.

This is why many home occupiers can contact Maid2Match Gold Coast or any other professional service to get the job done. However, it can be done by yourself by taking into account the following factors in end of lease cleaning:

1. Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning can be very important when it comes to end of lease cleaning. House cleaning must be your priority. Get rid of all the dirt, mud and dust from the carpets, floors and furniture. Make sure all the corners of the house are vacuumed properly. Ensure that the bathroom is cleaned in a complete manner. Remember to change the bed sheets. Cleaning products must be used to give a cleaner and tidier look.

2. Small fixtures and fittings

There is no difficulty in doing the larger things. Real challenge lies in carrying out the smaller and residual parts. This might require proper attention. Small fixtures like switches and light bulbs are missed by most of the home occupiers. It is imperative to clean them as well. Pay proper attention to such things. It is the responsibility of the tenant to do all the things. Make a proper checklist of the things that needs to be addressed and do them in turns.

3. Take professional advice

As mentioned above, one can always call a professional to get the work done. But this can add a bit of cost to your budget. However, not getting the work by professionals does not mean not taking professional advice. You can always look out for professional help. Their experience and expertise can tell on how to clean the rental property in a way that it appears to be new and fresh.

4. Return the household items

Once you are done with the substantive cleaning, it is time to return the household items and keys you were initially given by the landlord. If you are unable to return the things that do not belong to you, then you may incur costs in the end. Make sure you don’t miss out on the bond money you will receive in end of the term.

5. Final inspection

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. It can figure out the minor mistakes and can be corrected before you vacate the house finally. Ensure that you inspect the house properly before the landlord does by himself. If you find that there are few things that need more cleaning, then resolve the issue straight away. Even though it might need some sort of extra cleaning at the end of the day, it will ensure that no single spot has been missed. Final inspection is critically important.