Many couples are now declaring good riddance to gender roles and are opting for a more neutral partnership in all aspects of their lives, especially at their weddings. Same-sex couples, specifically, are leaving labels in the past and finding new and innovative ways to start their own traditions with ideas that represent their love and commitment to one another.

Some are abandoning old fashioned wedding etiquette altogether, while others have chosen to give it a modern twist. With that said, if you and your partner would like a little help orchestrating your perfect day, here are a few things to know about neutral weddings.

Neutral Weddings Are Not Defined by Labels, Language, and Traditional Ceremonies

In the past, if you were invited to a wedding, you pretty much knew what to expect. The girly, calligraphy hand-written invitation, highlighting gender-specific tones in all aspects concerning the bride and groom, and of course the itinerary would include the walk down the aisle as the father of the bride gives her away, the first dance, and finally, the taking off of the garter. Albeit, many same-sex couples abandon all these wedding traditions altogether and opt for a more personalized day with their own preferred celebrations, others like to incorporate these steps with a unique twist.

Couples are not limited to the gender labels at weddings; in fact, you don’t have to mention brides or grooms in your invitations or speeches at all. Even straight couples are opting out of the old wedding etiquette, such as the first dance and other parts of the wedding ceremony that they aren’t comfortable with. After all, many brides are not too keen on having their future spouse take off their garter in front of grandma! So, in other words, it is a day for the two people who are tying the knot and have chosen to commit to each other. Ultimately, you deserve to express your love for one another in a ceremony that makes sense to you. It’s no one else’s day, which means all decisions should reflect the two of you – right down to the napkins!

The Color Palette Options Are Endless

While some couples still adhere to the traditional wedding color palette, consisting of the white dress and tuxedo formality, others feel it does not reflect them. Luckily, fashion is growing increasingly unbound, so it is much easier now to find non-traditional items of clothing. When you visit this useful guide, you will find that neutral wedding attire is much easier to come by. Many fashion designers are now redefining wedding attire without the constraints of the past views on gender clothing – (yes, men can wear pink!) – to ensure that every couple gets to feel like themselves on their special day.

Neutral colors in a wedding are not merely reserved for the attire, but the entire wedding theme itself. If neither you nor your partner is very feminine, you can swap flowers for foliage. The aesthetic of your wedding should resonate with you and your partner, which is why you can opt for any style you choose, be it a masculine or feminine color palette and décor. Some even choose to go for non-traditional color schemes such as a romantic dark wood, navy, sage, and silver palette instead.

The Decorations Can Be Modified to Suit the Couple

As mentioned above, the color palette does not have to conform to the traditional themes of weddings. The feminine touches of white and pink are optional, regardless of gender. If you prefer decorations that are a little less on the nose, that’s your prerogative. If you would like to attain some traditional decorative items such as the couple on top of the cake, there are now many neutral wedding cake designs to choose from in today’s modern world. However, many same-sex couples have opted out of that and wrote a symbolic message on top of the cake instead such as “soul mates,” “always and forever,” or even their joint last names. Either way, they have chosen to display something personal that represents their lifetime commitment.

At the end of the day, it’s your special day, and it should be celebrated in ways that represent you and your partner. You can now get married wherever you want and even be married by your best friend. Neutral weddings have made their way into society, and the world is making room for the freedom of choice. Say your vows however you please, wear whatever you please, and most importantly, have the wedding day of your dreams.