Did you know that stress is a condition that can have serious effects on your overall mood, health, and well-being, especially if you leave it untreated? The sad fact is that this silent condition can leave you feeling drained and upset without you even realizing, meaning that over time you slowly begin to lose the incentive to do the things you love, and become withdrawn, irritable and anxious for no reason. If you feel that you may be stressed, then it is time to take things back into your control and explore different ways that you can manage your mood, so that you get your spring back in your step.

First, if you think that you are suffering from stress, then it pays to take time to talk this through with a health practitioner. In addition to this step, if this is affecting your work and output, then be sure to schedule in a meeting with your Human Resources department so that you can let them know how you are feeling and see if your company can support you during this difficult time. When it comes to stress and anxiety, it is vital that you express how you are feeling, so that you can work towards finding new ways to manage your feelings, and explore techniques for stress management and relaxation when you are feeling a little upset and overwhelmed.

Try Meditation

The chances are that you have already heard about meditation, an ancient technique that has been around for thousands of years but have you tried it out for yourself? If you find it hard to slow down and are a self-confessed stress head, then meditation could be the perfect solution for you. Make sure that if you are looking to try out meditation that you try out different breathing techniques, and take time in your day to sit in a quiet place where you can work on this without any external distractions. When you meditate, you will only need to focus on yourself and how your body is feeling, so make sure that you clear your mind and get rid of any unnecessary or restless thoughts. Finally, you could also try exploring Mindfulness, which is a technique that encourages you to focus on the here and now, rather than losing energy worrying about events that have not yet happened or happened in the past. Meditation is the ideal way to begin working on yourself and taking time to switch off and work towards making your body relax.

Diet and lifestyle

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then the chances are that your diet is also causing you to feel stressed and upset, in particular, if you have a hectic schedule and are fueled by caffeine and nicotine to help you to get through the day. Make sure that you keep a food journal so that you can track how many cups of coffee that you are drinking, as you may want to try cutting down if you feel like this has a serious effect on your mood. If you skip breakfast and fill up with soda or candies, then again, sugar will be making your blood sugar levels spike, meaning that you quickly feel cranky and lethargic. Be sure to take time to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast, even if this means you have to prepare it at the office. Take time too to track your meals and calorie count. Try upping your protein levels, with fish or meat in moderation and be sure to compliment this with a plate full of leafy greens and vegetables. Do allow yourself the occasional treat, but remember that moderation is key.

If you work long hours in a desk job or are feeling upset and irritable, then you may need to begin moving more and getting your exercise levels up. Believe it or not, you can get a runner’s high from exercising and moving your body. Be sure to take time to work out, even if this means taking a lunchtime walk around the park or try jogging with a colleague or friend. If you are looking to shake up your workout routine then why not explore different classes, or consider trying something completely new? Remember that when you workout your body naturally produces endorphins or happy hormones, that will boost your mood and help you to feel better in no time at all. So pay attention to your diet and lifestyle if you feel that this is holding you back.

Rest up

Another common symptom of stress is feeling exhausted and as if you are too tired to take another step. If this is the case, then you should try going to bed a little earlier and running a warm bath with a hot and soothing tea to help you to slow down and unwind. When you sleep, your body can complete vital functions that mean you are ready and prepared to face each new day. So, if you are not getting enough shuteye then chances are your body is reacting to this. Try turning your phone off and removing all distractions from the bedroom. Make sure that you take the time to rest up and relax so that you will soon be feeling like your batteries have been recharged.

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, then it is high time that you begin to address how you feel so that you can begin to tackle your emotions. Do take time to let others know how you are feeling, as you should not suffer in silence. Make sure that you try out meditation and explore different ways for you to relax and unwind. Rethink your diet and try to eat better, while complimenting this with exercise and getting active. Finally, make sure that you do have enough sleep each night so that your body can recover for each new day. After a few weeks, you will soon be feeling less overwhelmed and will be ready to face whatever challenges life throws your way, no matter how taxing they may seem.