Winter is often the least favorite season for most fashionistas, mainly because it’s challenging to look stylish when your primary goal is to avoid hyperthermia. Moreover, even hairstyle trends change according to the season. Fortunately, there are several ways that you really can look trendy without compromising the practicality that’s required to dress well for winter.

There are tons of stylish boots trending this year that will let you wear thick socks to keep your feet and legs warm regardless of the freezing temperatures. And these trendy jacket styles are equally as practical for warmth.

Short Jumpers

Short jumpers are pretty similar to crop jackets, just a little longer in length than most crops. The slight extra size makes the Dolman sleeve short jacket pretty practical for warmth, as you’ll be able to layer beneath without parts of your outfit sticking out where it shouldn’t.

Short jackets hang pretty loosely, which makes them ideal for casual looks that genuinely are comfortable. And this type of jacket can be worn with so many outfits that you’ll find it a worthwhile winter wardrobe investment.

Cropped Hoodies And Sweat Tops

Cropped hoodies might not be the warmest jacket style on this list, although they are suitable for days that aren’t too cold. A cropped hoodie is perfect for casual street style looks, and they can be paired with just about anything.

Cropped sweat tops are also trending, and their overall comfortability will make you want to wear one around the house every day. The missing hood adds comfort, yet they are still best for casual looks.

Chunky Knits

Chunky knits are perfect for winter, and they are also pretty straightforward to style for a semi-casual look. You can add a few layers beneath depending on the weather, match with a pair of denim jeans or trouser leggings, and top off your look with a pair of warm winter boots.

Oversized Trench Coats

Oversized trench coats are trending in men’s and women’s fashion, and they’re incredibly stylish. You can find these larger-than-life trench coats in a variety of colors and styles, although it’s best to go for neutral dark tones or a beige pallet, as beige natural tones are making waves this year.

Trench coats are also perfect for formal and semi-formal types of events. So, you can wear your oversized trench coat to the office and even to a formal social gathering and stay warm without compromising your style. You can follow the same style ideas as you would when wearing a regular trench coat.

Large Biker Jackets

There’s no doubt that the oversized fit is trending, as most clothing pieces this year are noticeably larger than they were before, from jackets to jeans and everything in between; comfort is in style. And so, the iconic leather biker jacket is trending again, with a slight adjustment; it’s much larger than it was before.

Pulling off a large-fitting biker jacket is also pretty simple, although you should keep things pretty casual. A pair of combat boots or sneakers are a great shoe choice. And because leather is incredibly warm, you won’t regret this jacket investment.

With all the great jacket styles out there at the moment, you’re sure to find something that suits your personal style and your wardrobe preferences.