Much of the nation is suffering from some form of depression from mild occasional bouts to severe clinical depression. While some will seek psychotropic medications from doctors, others will try to find ways to lift depression naturally. If you are reluctant to take medications, why not look at these five proven ways to lift depression. That being said, if your level of depression goes deep, always seek medical advice because it could be a treatable chemical imbalance. Don’t wait until too late.

1. Set Goals

One thing which works for so many people is to work themselves out of the lethargy. Set goals for yourself so that you are working towards something. It’s so uplifting to meet those goals and as you work towards the finish line, see if your spirits don’t improve. Love animals? Why not check out becoming a vet tech and working with them full-time. Your goal? Getting training and certification at schools found on best-vettechschools.com in your area. Now you’ve accomplished two things. You’ve set and met a goal and you are with animals who bring you joy.

2. Get Out in the Sunshine

There are two ways in which sunshine can help lift depression naturally. We have always known that our problems always seem less important in the daylight, but there is a growing body of evidence that connects a vitamin D deficiency with depression. It only takes 10 minutes in the afternoon sun every day with legs and arms exposed to get enough sunlight to manufacture this amazing vitamin in the body.

3. Find a True Companion Dog

There is also ample evidence to support the fact that the companionship of a dog can lift depression. Not only do you have a loyal companion, but research shows that the very act of petting a dog is soothing on your nerves. That warm companionship of a loyal pet, man’s best friend, in fact, can offer relief from the blues in ways we are only beginning to understand.

4. Go Shopping

Studies coming from the Netherlands and conducted by Professor Rik Pieters of the Tilburg University states that some people just feel better when getting out into the world. Go to a busy mall and stroll around. While you don’t need to break the bank, which could be depressing in itself, the very act of being around other people can lift your spirits. A new outfit or two couldn’t hurt either!

5. Find a Hobby

Sometimes, just staying busy can help to lift your mood. Are you looking for a hobby? Why not try gardening, which can kill two birds with one stone – three, actually. Not only will you be soaking up that sunshine to raise levels of vitamin D in the body, but you will also be busy in a hobby that needs constant attention. At maturity, you can enjoy your flowers or eat your garden fruits and veggies, and what a sense of accomplishment that is. Pride in your work surely does make you feel better, doesn’t it?

The worst thing you can do is sit in misery if you are suffering from depression. It may take some time to get an appointment with your doctor, so in the meantime, try these natural remedies. They are each proven to work.