Fortunately, more and more people are leaving behind the destructive hairstyling methods that used to severely harm their hair. Nowadays, the Curly Girl (CG) method has managed to convince many people to embrace their natural hair, whether they have curly or straight hair, and let their hair breathe by going heat-free. However, going heat-free doesn’t mean that you can’t resort to some advanced solutions that could keep bad hair days at bay without causing long-term damage to your hair.

Below, we have collected 6 surefire ways that could give you the perfect-looking hair that you have always longed for.

1- Use Extensions for Luscious Hair

You don’t have to spend your nights praying to the Gods to get long and thick hair. In the past, many women have completely disregarded hair extensions for two main reasons; they were always noticeable, and they required huge invested efforts to maintain them. However, with the great advances that have been made in the hair extensions world, they are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. There are many options you can choose from that would require a bit of online research to reach your desired look. If you visit the site, you will find that real human hair extensions are now available in different lengths, colors, and styles. With this option, you can ensure having perfect-looking hair that you can get in any color you want to match your own hair color, and no one will ever know that you are wearing them!.

2- Don’t Wash Your Hair

For some women, it’s impossible to pass a day without washing their hair. This especially applies to people who tend to have oily hair that can look greasy within the second day of not washing it. One thing you need to bear in mind, when you constantly wash your hair, you are stripping your scalp from any natural oils your hair might have had. This causes your glands to start over-producing more oils to compensate for this issue which is why your hair might be always feeling greasy.

3- Yet, Don’t Allow Scalp Buildup

You only need to wash your hair twice a week. After a while, you will find that this has shown a huge positive impact on restoring your hair to a more neutral state rather than being oily. However, during this process, you still shouldn’t allow any buildups to accumulate because it can easily cause dandruff. If you need an extra wash, you can consider co-washing by only using your conditioner. Alternatively, you can try washing your scalp with diluted apple cider vinegar once a week as a method of deep cleaning your scalp from any possible buildups.

4- Always Condition

Squeaky clean hair should be your worst enemy from now on. It’s never a good idea to attempt washing the hair without following this step with the right conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. You must take into account your conditioner’s ingredients. It’s always better to go for a silicone-free conditioner to avoid blocking the pores and consequently accumulated dirt and other toxins. This will ensure that you don’t get dandruff that could be deadly to your hair.

5- Ditch Your Old Covers

Have you ever wondered why you sleep with the perfect hairstyle only to wake up the next day with your hair all over the place? Sleeping on cotton pillow covers creates harsh contact between your hair and the pillow. Cotton fibers are a lot rougher than silk; this constant friction leads to the infamous frizzy morning hair. Silk covers and sheets are not only considered for their aesthetic and luxurious looks; since they are a lot smoother, they will also help your hair maintain its moisture during the night to wake up with your hair cascading down your shoulders.

6- Don’t Ignore Your Trims

Even people who are trying to grow their hair longer should still maintain a regular trimming routine. This ensures that your hair will grow healthily without the fear of the scariest monster of all, split ends. Split ends are just like rust to a boat. they can really take a toll on your hair and cause other healthy hairs to fall as victims. This is why you should make sure that you trim your hair ends every 2 to 3 months. Since this task is harder to keep track of, it’s always better to mark your calendar to avoid forgetting.

It’s called a heat-free challenge for a reason. After ditching your straighteners and curling irons, the damage that has been done to your hair is likely to present itself in the ugliest ways. While taking care of your hair to avoid bad hair days is an impossible task, it can still be made easier with the right routine that suits your hair type, texture, and porosity.