If you are lucky enough to have beautiful curves in all the right places, then you will undoubtedly be looking for ways to both emphasize and celebrate them! Before you hit the stores in search of some new clothing items that do just that, be sure to keep the following shopping tips in mind. They will help to ensure a successful session of retail therapy, time, and time again.

1-Don’t pay too much attention to sizes

While it can help to visit stores that specialize in plus size women’s clothing, you shouldn’t worry too much about sizes when trying on pieces that really grab your attention. Sizes are often just a guideline. In many instances, it will take plenty of trial and error to find the perfect fit that is comfortable, but still lovingly hugs and flatters your curves.

2-Don’t shy away from color

Every woman knows that black is slimming. However, it can prove to be incredibly boring if it is all that your wardrobe consists of! The great news is that plus size clothing for women is now bursting with bright colors in every direction you look. From stunning blues and pinks to bold patterns and neon tie-dye (yes, tie-dye is officially back in fashion as of 2020!), the options are endless. Flaunt your personality and your figure by embracing every color of the rainbow with confidence.

3-Know your body shape

Specific silhouettes and styles flatter specific body shapes, and it can often help tremendously to be aware of your own body shape when shopping for new pieces of clothing. Some of the most common body shapes include the Apple, the Hourglass, the Pear, and the Strawberry.


One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to dressing up your curves is that of accessories. A wide waist belt is an essential accessory to always have handy. This type of belt has been specifically designed to emphasize your curves and add balance to your shape regardless of what you choose to wear. Plus, it can add a touch of elegant style to your look, too.

5-Don’t try to conceal your curves

Curves are gorgeous, so do not give in to the temptation to invest in baggy, oversized items of clothing. These pieces will simply drown your figure and have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Celebrate your curves at every given opportunity. Luckily, with the diverse selection of plus size clothing available these days, doing exactly that isn’t the challenge that it once was.

6-Love your body

Nothing can maximize the power of an outfit quite like a good dose of confidence. When you know that you look incredible, flaunt it! Learn to love your body, and it will become easier to shop and put outfits together every day. Everyone has their own body issues, but rest assured that while you are sitting there wondering whether your curves are too much, someone is watching you from a distance wishing that they had them!

Now that you are clued up in terms of how to shop for your curvy shape, it is time for some hard-earned retail therapy.