The cost of dental implants might be keeping you from getting the smile and oral health you deserve. This is because there are many things to consider when it comes to getting them.

But there are many ways to keep your costs down so you can get dental implants for less. Let’s look at the eight ways you can get affordable and trusted dental implants.

Search for a budget-friendly dentist

Do some research and find someone who will work within your budget. Start by asking friends and family members if they have any recommendations.

You can also look at reviews and online forums where people discuss their experiences with local dentists.

If you already have a dentist you like, talk to them about their prices and see if they can offer any discounts or incentives that might help you save on future visits.

Join a savings plan

You can save up to 50% on dental implants by joining a savings plan through your dental insurance company or employer-sponsored health plan.

Savings plans allow you to pay monthly premiums over a set period, typically up to 24 months, and then receive the total cost of treatment at once in the form of a loan or discount off the total bill if you meet certain conditions during that period.

Use your insurance

Many health insurance plans cover some or all dental implant costs. You may have to pay a copayment, usually less than $100 per implant procedure.

Some plans require prior authorization before covering the procedure, but others don’t need preauthorization.

Travel abroad

The price of dental implants varies widely from one country to another.

In the US, for example, an implant can cost $5,000 or more per tooth, and that’s without the supporting abutment and crown. However, the same procedure can be done in Thailand for less than $1,000.

Check your local dental schools.

Many universities have clinics where they offer dental implants at a discounted rate. This is because they have a lot of surgeries and need patients to practice.

If you can find one nearby, it is worth checking out their prices before going through private practices or paying cash upfront.

Make use of your tax deductions.

If you’re getting dental implants, your dentist will likely tell you they are a medical expense and, therefore, eligible for a tax deduction. However, not all patients are aware of this option.

If you don’t know how much your procedure will cost, ask your dentist for an estimate and then run the numbers through a tax calculator to see if it qualifies for a deduction.

Hunt for discounts

Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s a discount available. Some dentists offer discounts on certain days of the week or specific procedures during special events like National Dental Month or National Oral Health Month.

If the practice has no discounts available, ask why they may have limited funding or need more patients before offering lower prices.

If this doesn’t work either, try another dentist.

Final Thoughts

Dental implants cost varies significantly from patient to patient, depending on insurance coverage, geographic location, and individual circumstances.

But the good news is that there are several ways to make dental implants more affordable. So take a look at what you can do by reading this guide.