We all know that exercise is good for us, but it can be hard to try and fit it into our regular routines on daily basis. Sometimes, you might struggle to workout because of health issues that prevent you from doing certain movements. You may feel that exercise is now impossible for you because everything looks like it will be extremely hard on your body. However, there are actually a lot of machines out there that are super low-impact! So, keep reading and discover the best equipment for a low-impact workout.

Elliptical Machines

An elliptical machine is one of the best low-impact exercise machines you can use. Although they provide a workout for both your upper and lower body, these machines can be made as low-impact as you like and allow you to train no matter your abilities. Ellipticals also take any pressure off of your joints while you use them too, so you don’t have to worry about putting strain on your body either. Elliptical machines are a brilliant exercise tool to use if you want a low-impact workout, so be sure to add one to your home gym or lookout for one at your local gym. You’ll be surprised at how well they can support your body!

Stationary Bikes

If you don’t want to exercise while standing up, then a stationary bike could be just the thing you need. Again, these can be adjusted to make your workout as low-impact as you like, and they’re excellent at providing stable support to your joints. Although you’re using your knees while on the machine, it actually puts way less strain and pressure on them than running would. You can also get bikes that have high seats as well, so if you’re worried about your back, there’s no need. So, be sure to hop on a stationary bike to get a thorough, yet low-impact workout.


You may think that running is too much for your joints, which is completely understandable. However, treadmills aren’t just for that one exercise. Walking at a slow pace on an incline can actually be more effective than running at a high speed. Walking on a treadmill is super low-impact but still works out your whole body. Cardio doesn’t always have to be crazy fast and make you feel as though you’re about to drop constantly. Making use of the treadmill and going for a slow walk on an incline can be much more enjoyable, and it won’t cause too much strain on your body either.

Stair Machines

Another machine that really works out your body but with a low-impact is the stair machines. You’ve probably seen people struggling their way through their workout on these machines, but they can be adjusted to suit any level of ability. While the idea of climbing stairs can seem like it will be tough on the body, these machines provide you with plenty of support, so you can keep the strain at a minimum. Stair machines offer you the benefits of a high-impact workout but without the added strain on your body. So, be sure to get climbing if you spot one at the gym!

Light Dumbbells

Dumbbells aren’t just for lifting heavy. In fact, using lightweight dumbbells can be a fantastic way to get a low-impact workout with ease. Try incorporating light dumbbells into your exercises like walking on a treadmill or create your own gentle routines with them, and you’ll see how versatile they can be. For example, if you walk on the treadmill at a slow pace and carry two light dumbbells in each hand, you’re able to up the ante without increasing the impact on your body. So, don’t be afraid to head over to the weight stacks and pick up some smaller dumbbells for your workout.

Exercise can be fun, but it can also be scary when you’re worried about putting too much pressure on your body. But this can be overcome with the use of the equipment listed above as they all allow you to workout but with low-impact. You don’t need to worry about putting pressure on your knees or straining your back when you use these bits of equipment. So, the next time you want to work out with low-impact, be sure to take these into consideration. You’ll be surprised at how good your body feels!