Having to bear a child is a life-changing milestone. The life growing in your belly is undeniably one of the biggest blessings you can receive. However, with pregnancy comes with challenges such as unfamiliar changes in your body, as well as hormonal changes affecting your mood and physical energy. To better manage your pregnancy, take advantage of items that can provide you with the comfort you need.

Maternity Pillow

There are several pillows for pregnant women that are designed to suit different purposes. Some are intended to alleviate back pain, while others are meant to improve the blood circulation in the legs. But regardless of its design, it still holds true that maternity pillows are created to help a pregnant woman get a quality sleep, which can prove to be difficult with a growing belly.

Some maternity pillows are C-shaped, which are intended to support the neck, head, legs, and stomach. Others are U-shaped that provide ultimate back and stomach support. In terms of the latter, the best U shaped body pillow is one that fits you perfectly according to your weight, height, as well as the space you have in your bed. In both types of pillow, look for those made from resilient and durable materials.

Maternity Bra (or bra extenders)

While you may feel that your old cup size suits you just fine, your bra straps may no longer meet at your back. This is because, during your first trimester, your breasts will already begin to grow, which is why some bra extenders may prove to be handy. Over the course of your pregnancy, you may already need to invest in some high-quality maternity bras which you can continue to use even after your baby is born, particularly if you intend to breastfeed.

Maternity Belt

A maternity belt is often beneficial as you enter your second or third trimester. This belt will offer ample support that will alleviate or reduce lower back pain caused by pregnancy. Maternity belts come in different sizes and the material they are made of varies too so make sure to choose one that perfectly suits you.

Maternity Pants

You will never go wrong in getting maternity pants even as early as your first trimester, although you may still get to wear your old clothes during this time. Maternity pants are designed to have enough stretch to accommodate your growing belly from the time that your old jeans no longer fit, until after you give birth. You can wear a good pair of maternity jeans on any casual outing and you are assured that your belly has proper protection and support.

Flat and Comfortable Shoes (and shoe inserts)

Pregnant women somehow lose their sense of balance because of the additional weight they carry. For this reason, it is advisable for women carrying a baby in their belly to use flat and comfortable shoes, which will reduce their risk of getting out of balance. In addition to this, when you are pregnant, your shoe size gets bigger too, making your old shoes grow tighter. This entails the need for you to get a new pair of shoes which is at least a size bigger. Shoe inserts may also be helpful in supporting the arch of your feet.

Belly Butter

As your baby bump grows, it is more likely to feel itchy. In this case, you need belly buttercreams that are made to soothe the belly itch of pregnant women. There are organic variants that are infused with shea butter that effectively moisturizes the belly. There are also belly buttercreams that reduce stretch marks, which are often the result of your skin expansion. Thereby, make use of butters and creams for the belly as soon as you notice changes in your body.

Face Care Products

The hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy may lead to acne and pimple breakouts, particularly during your first trimester. For this reason, it is best to invest in face care products that are organic, posing no harmful chemicals for you and your baby. As much as possible, opt for a mild and oil-balancing face cleanser and moisturizer and steer clear from powerful anti-acne or skin clearing products. You will find that your skin will eventually clear up as soon as your body adapts to its changes.

Tennis Balls

You may be surprised why tennis balls are on this list but when you are pregnant, you are prone to backaches. Your back needs to support not only your weight, but the weight of your growing belly as well. For these grueling backaches that increase as you progress towards your pregnancy, a lower back massage using a tennis ball would prove to be a lifesaver. Just have your partner or your family member firmly roll the ball onto your lower back using the pressure from their palms.


The hormonal changes that happen when you are pregnant can cause unexplainable emotions, leading you to cry instantaneously even over a TV commercial. Others often find their allergies worsening over the course of their pregnancy, making them sneeze more often. For these reasons, always make sure that you have some tissues on hand. The habit of bringing along tissues with you will greatly help you after child birth too as you constantly clean up after your little one.

Being pregnant doesn’t come without any challenges. You may find it hard to sleep at night or eat a regular meal. In addition to this, you may always feel uncomfortable, either too cold or too hot. In these instances, use a maternity pillow to help you get some rest or get a maternity bra, belt, and pants to ensure your comfort, and at the same time support your growing bust and belly. In addition to this, invest in a good pair of flat shoes, as well as belly butter and face care products. You may also find that tennis balls are great for lower back massages and that tissues are your best friend. Rest assured that all your sacrifices will all be worth it in the end.