It is very important now more than ever to start taking your health seriously, especially due to the fact that the COVID19 pandemic has hit worldwide. It is without a doubt that those who are healthier have a better chance of surviving any virus. Being healthy and improving your immune system is something that no one should take for granted because health should come first above all things in life. It is important to understand that our daily choices when it comes to nutrition and exercise influence your estimated lifespan from a probabilistic approach. We know that as we age it is very likely that we will develop some sort of life-altering illness or a disabling condition like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. By taking the right precautions we can reduce the risks of these diseases shortening your lifespan.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

One’s diet is oftentimes something that is neglected even by people who exercise regularly. It is not only important to watch out for how much you eat but also important to watch out for what exactly you eat. Getting the help of an expert dietitian can certainly improve your overall health and help you achieve your goals faster. The experts behind recommend fulfilling any nutritional deficiencies that have been found from a dietitian with effective evidence-based supplements and vitamins. To improve your diet it is recommended first to self evaluate if you are eating good or bad things. For example do you eat 4 to 5 cups of fruits and vegetables every day? Do you eat foods that contain a lot of fiber? If yes, then you are on the right track if not then you are not. Thus, to learn more about oneself one must keep track of their food intake by noting down what they eat and drink daily.

General Healthy Diet Steps

After performing a self-assessment of your food intake, you might often find that you are eating too many sweets or drinking too much soda. These things can increase the likelihood of you developing diabetes later in life. Similarly, everyone can benefit from cutting off unhealthy fat from their diet. Unhealthy fat means that you are eating things like dark chicken meat, poultry skin, pork, beef, lamb, and other foods containing a large amount of fat such as whole milk, butter, and cheese. Eliminating or eating these foods in moderation can go a long way towards establishing healthy eating patterns.

The way that your food is cooked is also very important. If you use too much oil and like frying things that means that a lot of that oil is ending up in your body and into your blood vessels. We know that unhealthy fats are the number one causes of heart disease and stroke. Some things to avoid and consider to have a healthy diet should be the following:

  • Reduce unhealthy fats such as fried meats
  • Reduce extra fat from things like bread, butter, cheese, sour cream, and salad dressings.
  • You can choose to use low-fat versions of these foods
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to make up for vitamin deficiencies
  • Eat at restaurants less. Restaurant food is very high in sodium and has many hidden fats or portion sizes that are much larger than what a regular person should be eating
  • Stay hydrated by drinking low-calorie beverages such as water and tea
  • Avoid sweetened drinks like soda, sports, and energy drinks

Daily Exercising

You have heard it before regular daily exercise is one of the most important factors towards improving your health and immune system. It is important that you first start off by trying to limit your stress through meditation and getting a full night of sleep before you start off early in the morning to establish a daily routine and exercise as much as your body can handle. This would include walking, aerobics, weight lifting, running, rowing, and playing sports. The exercise type is not really important. What is important is consistency.

Benefits of regular physical activity include weight control, reduced risk of heart disease, healthy sugar and insulin levels, improved sleep, improved sexual health, strengthened bones and muscles, help with keeping your mental health in good condition, improved mood, and improved sleep. To make exercise part of your regular routines start off slowly by taking small steps like walking and biking toward instead of taking the car or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Eventually you can move on to either setting up a home gym or attending a gym and doing more strenuous activities that your body can handle. It is also important to become active with friends and family because having a partner makes exercise much more enjoyable. This also improves mental health drastically. Always keep in mind that consistency is the key in terms of improving your health through exercising.