Biking is a green alternative to driving your car to work. However, for many riders, the limited top speed makes it difficult to make the switch. Increase your speed on your daily commute or sail down your favorite bike path with a hybrid bike for men or women. Compare the improved top speed of hybrid bikes in most situations with the rugged ride of a mountain bike to find the best option for your lifestyle.

City Commutes

Head down a city street with a hybrid bike and you’ll soon see the incredible difference electric bikes can make. Use pedal assist for maximum top speeds, or take a break and switch over to full electric mode. Both modes offer increased speeds on pavement when compared with mountain bikes. Once you reach your workplace or arrive back home, plug in your hybrid to prepare for another day of fast-paced rides and a comfortable commute.
Mountain bikes use thick tires and a high gear ratio. These features aren’t designed for flat, even city streets, so you’ll be working against the natural design of your mountain bike. You can still ride on pavement with your mountain bike, but you’ll struggle to reach the speeds of a city bike or hybrid option.

Dedicated Bike Paths

Even slight off-road situations still favor hybrid bicycles. A concrete path or flat dirt trail is a great place to show off the versatility of an electric bike. Mountain bicycles have improved traction and off-road capabilities, but most paths don’t require this level of grip. Choose a hybrid to still outpace your fellow mountain bikers on these trails. You’ll need to watch out for potholes or other obstacles, but most bike paths have these carefully cleared away to keep you gliding along safely and speeding past any mountain bikers.
Just like paved streets, these gentle paths don’t offer the intense environments where mountain bikes thrive. You won’t have any issues navigating bike paths, but prepare to be left in the dust as your hybrid-riding friends take off.

Off-Road Trails

True off-roading is where mountain bikes shine. Unlike a gentle bicycle path, these trails are full of inclines, rocks, potholes and other hazards. Mountain bikers love these types of trails and can easily navigate them without worrying about damage to their cycle or an uncomfortable ride. For these rugged trails, it’s best to leave your hybrid bicycle at home. Major bumps and sharp rocks can be hazardous when you’re flying at top speeds, and the tires and suspension system of most electric bikes aren’t designed for these extreme situations.

Find the Right Ride for Your Biking Style

Unless you’re looking to scale a mountain with your bike, a hybrid bicycle is a clear winner in terms of top speed. Shop for comfort bikes, beach cruisers and city bikes that offer the comfortable ride you deserve and the fast-paced commute you need to get to work on time or navigate a long, scenic path. Use the right cycle for your lifestyle to get more out of your ride and enjoy decreased commute times.