Couples have a lot of special items aimed at them, don’t they? There are his and hers mugs, pillows, coasters, slippers and an amazing array of jewellery. Of course, no one couple can invest in all these items but if there’s one piece we fully recommend it’s king and queen couple bracelets!

It’s highly likely you’ve seen king and queen couples bracelets before in some form but if you haven’t I’ll explain what they are. King and queen bracelets are a twin pair of bracelets designed to be extra-special gifts for couples.

There is a lot of variety to the designs as well, the bracelets could be exact matches, have engravings or be different colours. They can also be made from precious metals like gold or silver or made from other materials like beads and twine.

They make fantastic gifts for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries and can suit all budgets. Below I’ve outlined some of the best king and queen couple bracelets so if you’re ever looking for a romantic gift for your partner check out our list of favourite bracelets below!

Sheown Jewellery

Sheown is a customisable jewellery specialist with a beautiful pair of king and queen bracelets available. They are coloured in black and a rose gold pink to give them both a unique look. Sleek and elegant any couple will love celebrating their love for each other with this touch pairing of beautiful bracelets.

My Name Necklace

My Name Necklace is another online jewellery retailer with a strong emphasis on personalised jewellery so as you can probably guess there are some great king and queen couples bracelets available. My particular favourite has got to be the quirky infinity couples bracelets made from coloured cord and sterling silver.

You have a whole host of colours to choose from and plenty of space to leave a personalised inscription. They’re the ideal choice for the couples who prefer more funky and unorthodox designs.

Not on The High Street

This gift specialist website features a wide assortment of professional homemade products that as the name implies you won’t see offered in high-street shops. Amongst their products are some truly beautiful couples bracelets including gold knot-bangle style bracelets and professionally woven leather bracelets.

And that’s just two of the many options you have, so if you’re looking for something a bit more unique when it comes to a king and queen bracelet set this online retailer is for you.


Etsy is packed with vintage and homemade items and as such, you’ll find some truly wondrous king and queen couple’s bracelets on offer. It might take a little searching to find something you like, and the price can vary wildly on Etsy but with so many options you’re sure to find some amazing couple’s bracelets that suit your style and budget eventually.