Strolling the industrial streets of Los Angeles this past Saturday, you might’ve catched gorgeous Carolina De Athey in an exclusive photoshoot by our Naluda team.

Renowned photographer Winston Burris has an eye for capturing more than just an image; he captures a mood, an essence. His latest muse, the radiant brunette beauty with a captivating presence, was no exception. Burris’s photoshoot brought the high street fashion aesthetic to life, intertwining lots of leather that spoke of a rebellious spirit, with exotic prints that whispered tales of faraway lands.

The striking Brazilian model, whose identity resonates with her heritage’s warm vibrancy, displayed her curvaceous silhouette against the chic backdrop of Los Angeles. The city’s unique blend of urban edge and laid-back luxury perfectly complemented her dynamic style. Each curve was gracefully accentuated by the expertly tailored designer ensembles she adorned, celebrating the feminine form in all its glory.


From the gleaming studs on her leather jacket that caught the afternoon sun, to the bold, patterned fabrics that clung to her in all the right places, Carolina was a vision of modern allure. Every element of her outfit, meticulously chosen by stylists, worked in harmony to create a look that was both avant-garde and effortlessly classic. The accessories—a mix of high-end bling and understated pieces—added a personal touch to the overall look, highlighting her natural beauty without overpowering it.

Carolina’s hair and makeup were the finishing touches to her edgy yet elegant look. Her hair, styled to perfection, cascaded down her shoulders, offering a soft contrast to the sharp lines of her attire. Her makeup was a masterclass in subtlety, with just the right amount of color to enhance her features while still maintaining a sense of the raw beauty that Burris is renowned for capturing.

Burris’s lens followed Carolina as she moved through the cityscape with the confidence of someone who is completely at home in front of the camera. Each frame was not just a picture but a story, inviting the viewer to step into a world where fashion is not just worn, but lived. Covered head to toe in the creations of fashion’s finest artisans, Carolina was not just stunningly beautiful—she was a statement of the endless possibilities that fashion holds when it meets the right canvas.





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