Chrome Cats aka KJ and Jamila ‘Mila’ Sims are aiming for the top of the charts. The brother-sister duo from California are best described as the love child of Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West and Rihanna – their sound is a vibrant mix of hip-hop and pop beats with care free vibes. In May 2012 their first release DNA of a Winner made waves but since then the jazzy rapper and his powerhouse singer sibling have shown the world they’re here to stay. Their latest single ‘Best Life’ is a fun and inspiring track about living in the moment with lyrics that speak to any generation coupled with fresh beats. Download Best Life on iTunes now. Accompanying the single release, the duo also released their lyric video on YouTube with an official music video to follow. Stay tuned by visiting chromecats.com

Can you tell us how and when Chrome Cats started?

We got started during summer break of 2006. We enjoyed listening to music all the time around the house and our mom suggested that we write some of our own songs. We’ve been writing and recording ever since.

Describe your sound?

Our sound is a mixture of hip-hop, along with a blend of R&B/pop hooks. We love creating melodies & singing hooks. When it comes to the verses, we like to keep them meaningful with metaphors and melodies underlying them to add in a different texture to the record.

Siblings working together, is that difficult?

It’s actually pretty easy for us haha. Whenever we have an idea, we just knock on each other’s door and get to work. We’ve written a lot of songs within the last few months together just by going in each other’s room and creating music from scratch. It’s really convenient.

“Best Days” your latest single was released in September and since then has been climbing nicely in the Billboard charts – congratulations! Can you tell us a little about the meaning of the song and how it came about?

Thank you! When we were creating “Best Life”, we wanted to build a song that people can party to, as well as listen to and just vibe with. We jumped into the studio with producer Floyd Thomas and recorded about three songs. We chose “Best Life” as a single and linked with producer Jingles in Malaysia and he added in strings and his touch to the record and we rolled out with.

Do you both write your songs? Where does the inspiration come from?

Yup! The only records we didn’t fully write, are the hooks on “Best Life” & “DNA of a Winner”. However, we wrote the verses and the bridge. Our song writing inspiration comes out of our day to day life from hanging with friends, the situations were in, or just reminiscing on older times in California.

What do you want you fans to feel when listening to your songs?

When fans listen to our music, we want them to feel uplifted and inspired. Our songs include a lot of positive vibes because whatever you go through, you have to have a positive outlook on things, and you’ll be happy with the outcome. We like to make feel good music that puts people in a good mood and helps them get through the day.

Your official music video is out now, where was it shot, and what’s the story line for the video?

We shot the video in Chicago with director, Peter Campbell. The video basically captured us having fun and enjoying our journey, living the “Best Life”. We shot some of the scenes downtown by the loop and at the beach. The video includes dancers in the scene downtown as well. We had a great time walking around downtown Chicago that night and meeting fans. Be sure to check it out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrbotrDAUNs.

If you could work with another artist who would it be?

We would really love to work with Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Pharrell & Ryan Tedder. We love their music and their production work is truly amazing.

What has been your biggest success to date?

A big success for us this year and last year was getting on to the Billboard chart. It was an awesome achievement. Another great success was reaching the 1 million-views mark for all our YouTube videos. #ChromeArmy is the best!

What’s coming up next for Chrome Cats, any tours or appearances?

We’ll be doing different shows through out the end of the year. We definitely aim to be on tour next year. Check www.chromecats.com for all the future show details!

What are the 5 main factors (in your opinion) that have got you where you are today?

1. Mom – She inspired us to start writing music and took us to our first studio session in Fremont, CA.

2. Dad – Our dad gave us our first home recording device to put all our song ideas on to. He also helps us a bunch on the business side of the industry.

3. Fans – When we released our first ever recording on MySpace, the supporters we gained inspired us to keep releasing recordings on our page.

4. Lakefront Records – The CEO Bryan Tan signed us in October 2010 and has supported and invested in us for a very long time from the ‘Rise EP’ to ‘Flight to Paradise’ to the ‘Best Life’ single.

5. Fort Wayne, Indiana – When we moved to Fort Wayne in early 2010, it helped take our music to another level. We met engineer/producer Chad Deutsch in 2010 and he helped us a lot with recording in the studio and experimenting with new things. We also play(ed) our first & many local shows and festivals that enabled us to connect with more fans & artists in the city. Last but not least, we also met producer Floyd Thomas who worked with us on our first & second radio singles.

Any words of wisdom, to anybody wanting to start a career in music?

To anyone wanting to start a music career, keep writing and perfecting your craft. Branch out to other artists and people in your area that share the same drive to succeed in music as you do. When you work with someone that wants the same thing you want, you will progress. Most importantly, believe in you. A lot of people will tell you no or try and discourage you but in the end, it all comes back into your hands. You control what you want to accomplish and you can make it happen.

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We wish you the very best in your growing career!

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