That’s right Thibiant, as in Thibiant Salon in Beverly Hills. This amazing Spa and Skincare center has been in the exact same place in Beverly Hills for over 40 years. They are a staple in the community. Ms. Thibiant herself watched as the bricks to her salon were erected 40 years ago. If that isn’t a feat in itself than the fact that she maintains some of the most exclusive clientele in the world is.

One of them being Kris Jenner who has used her products successfully over the years. She has recommended her own family to the salon. This is not just a beauty brand plug, Kris Jenner really uses and believes in this product. “The idea that Kris Jenner would represent the Thibiant brand came about very naturally”, states General Manager Courtney Palmer. “Kris approached us about working with the brand.” Kris Jenner has never been shy about giving Thibiant Salon the accolades they deserve for her perfect skin. She is now the outward face of an already well-known and respected brand. They couldn’t be happier in achieving such a natural and dynamic partnership. Ms. Thibiant who still resides on the board works very closely with Dr. Harry Glassman who has taken on the championing of Ms. Thibiant’s beauty elixirs. He is continually refining and researching while bringing new products to their clients. There will be 3 amazing new products that will launch Spring of 2014.

There isn’t anything that has a Thibiant name on it that does not withstand vigorous testing and passing the highest standards in skincare. There are two main areas to the salon; the Eurpean Skin Clinic which is in charge of facials, hair, nails waxing and massages. The second is the Instutute of Aesthetic Medicine which is in charge of the research and treatments. Just recently ,Thibiant Salon has boasted as being the only salon to have the newest Cutera Laser in Beverly Hills. This wonder machine the XLZ, does literally everything! It takes care of brown spots, facial veins, bruising, facial scaring, improves texture and tone, blue veins under eyes, stimulates collagen and the list goes on. Nurse Melanie Shuggard operates this special machine. You are in professional hands when you’re here. One of the things that stands out about Thibiant Salon in Beverly Hills is that they have a very warm and welcoming feeling when you walk in.

Even when Ms. Thibiant isn’t there you feel her presence in the training of all the employees and aestheticians. Ms. Thibiant personally trains the Aestheticians and some have worked there for over 30 years. It is one of the few places with little to no turnover, so when you walk in its like seeing family. The menu boasts affordable facials and skincare products without the Beverly Hills Price tag.

There is a friendly face around every corner, and one of them might be Kris Jenner or Ms. Thibiant herself if your lucky.

t: @ThibiantBH