As most rightly assume, the path to getting six pack abs is not easy. To achieve, you must be well-informed on what to do, how to do, and when to do. An intact and definitive training plan is essential, and a trainer too, if that is possible. If you are a newbie who is looking to get the basics right, here is a wrap up of the essentials that you need to know before starting the journey.

Which muscle to work

If your aim is a six-pack ab, then the one muscle that you need concentrate on is the rectus abdominis. Many who spend years together to build the muscle may get successful in being fit, but will not succeed in the six-pack abs until they train rectus abdominis. Crunches, reverse crunches, and other ab exercises including the plank, boat pose, and sit-ups are sure to work your rectus abdominis.

Concentrate on the inner core muscles

The foundation of six-pack abs is the internal obliques and transverse abdominis which are your inner core muscles. And, it is not going to work if you do not strengthen the inner core muscles. To strengthen the inner core, you may try core twists, dead bugs, and farmer’s walks. Also, you must make your workout high in quality than in quantity.

Maintaining the diet

A crucial aspect of any bodybuilding exercise plan is the diet, and eating right is very important to reach your goal. Years of working out in the gym will not yield results when your diet is not right. Whole carbs such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits will give you the necessary fuel for your workout. As known by all fitness enthusiasts, protein is vital for building the muscles. Including eggs, lean meat, and fish will provide your body the necessary protein. Last but not least, fats that are unsaturated is essential to ensure proper metabolism. Avocados, butter, olive oil, and walnuts are excellent sources of unsaturated fats.

Know your body fat percentage

In men, the ideal fat percentage is between 8 and 20 percent, and the required percentage varies from person to person. While it must not go below 6 percent, too much fat will never lead you to your dream of six-pack abs.

Drinking Water

Keeping your body hydrated is important as working out causes your body to lose its fluids, and replenishing it back with water and other nutritional fluids is essential. If you are a person who seeks to sports drinks often, you may strike a balance between the drinks and fresh juices.

The right exercise plan

Apart from strengthening your inner core and rectus abdominis, working out your lower body is crucial. Squats, deadlifts, and lunges, along with cycling and jogging will work your legs. Cardio exercises must be developed with more advanced and smarter techniques. To conclude, though not easy to achieve, the six-pack abs which is the dream of many men is not impossible altogether.