At one time, industry experts were wringing their hands in anxiety over the impact of coronavirus on the fashion industry. After all, they worried, fashion is all about being seen in garments that you’ve curated for your wardrobe – and high fashion is all about getting important people in the catwalk seats. With no one meeting, and catwalks largely illegal or ill-advised, these outlets have been missing for fashion houses and designers across the world. But that’s not the case anymore, and this guide will show how online fashion events are kicking off as we head into 2021.

Virtual Catwalks

Even before the virus struck, we were getting used to virtual catwalks that any number of fashion journalists and other interested parties could apply to attend. Of course, this meant that you could view the latest trends and designs without having to jet off to Paris or Milan for the pleasure. Now, though, the virtual catwalk is in its more modern iteration and includes 360-degree cameras, live polling, and various other features that help the audience feel more involved – and make the event more memorable, too.

Hosting an Event

Whether you’re a fashion professional or just a layman with an interest in fashion, you’re able to host events online yourself by engaging with the right technology for the task. University students, amateur designers, and fashion writers may all be interested in hosting their own fashion event – and in doing so, you’ll need help from experts at DB Pixelhouse, who specialise in online-only events using their Virtual Conference Platform. With assistance from the experts, you’ll be able to plan an online-only fashion event for your local community – or for the whole world – in 2021.

News and PR

The world of fashion has not been in the news as much as usual this year, as the fashion cycle has taken something of a jolt in the past few months. Yes, there have been incredible interventions from some of the world’s leading designers and houses, but in total, there have been fewer designs and events, and there’s been less investment and more consolidation across the industry. The way for the industry as a whole to change this is by generating good online PR and by getting into news media with more frequency. And it happens that hosting a successful virtual event is an excellent way to make that happen.

Video Content

The most important media for information transmission in the modern day is, of course, video – and there can be no alternative for fashion houses who are wishing to share their latest designs. By getting high-quality video taken of your items, you’ll make more of a splash online as your videos will be that bit more engaging. Shift gently towards investing in video equipment and professional editors to make your content the bee’s knees on social media and across the internet’s endless space.

Use the online world to promote your fashion idea or product in the ways listed above – making 2021 a bumper year for the industry despite decreasing footfall in town and city centers.